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Can't come with condom?

Guys, I don't know what to do. My boyfriend can't come with the condom on. And were not always gonna have sex with it off, because that's a huge... Show More

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  • It's not all that unusual for a guy to have trouble reaching orgasm with a condom. They reduce sensitivity for him. If you aren't able to use another form of birth control, you might have to improvise and provide him with other types of stimulation. You could always remove the condom and finish him off orally or with a hand job. You could also use a small amount of lube between your breasts and let him pleasure himself between them. Guys love that. Be creative and use your imagination. There's a lot of fun to be had outside of standard intercourse!

What Guys Said 7

  • First, have you discussed birth control with your doc? Condoms aren't your only option, but one of very many.

    If he can't finish by intercourse with a condom, maybe outercourse without will work.

    • Im on the pill right now.

    • Good for you!

  • Yup.. Birth Control

  • If a condom is your only choice you will just have to try different things maybe having some porn on or what works for me when I'm having a hard time getting off is my girlfriend telling me a dirty story in my ear while she's doing me. That usually takes care of the problem pretty quickly.

  • Have you talked to him about it? Was it a problem with other girls too or just with you? I know I can't use condoms very well at all either, I just find ways to go without.

    • Its other girls too. I'm the only girl that ever made him cum, but we had to take the condom off for it. But I am the only girl EVER to make him cum, EVER. what do you do though ?

    • I just have sex with people with whom I can comfortably have sex without a condom. Its hard for me to come with the girl on top even though it feels great. I works best in a position where I can control the speed I go. Also what is he thinking about while you're having sex? He should try thinking about kinkier things, that might help.

  • I had sex the other day and had the same problem...I got condoms from my health center at school...I don't know if it was just the type of condom, but it was too small and I had trouble purring it on (probably shouldn't have used it)...anyways, I think because it was too tight, it decreased sensitivity and I didn't orgasm...no idea why. Although, I have orgasmed a lot of times before in a condom...My suggestion is go try different kinds. they have ultra thin types which is what he may need...You should get the problem addressed...sex isn't THAT fun if you can't finish it

  • Why don't you just have him get tested for STD's, and if he comes out clean, just use some other form of birth control?

  • tell him to do doggy...

    when the girl gets on top I never cum

    • We tried doggy :( . He couldn't.

    • Really? my boyfriend always cums when I get on top, every time

    • He did cum, but we took the condom off. =p.

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  • 1. Get on birth control.

    2. Have sex until you orgasm and he's close, and then pull off the condom and finish him off with oral. He will love this.

  • Is this a committed relationship? Have you both been tested? You could try other sources of birth control if that is the case or why not try just finishing him off with your hands or something. Try one of those condoms that are like skin...I am sure that they cost more but, if it is so important that he ejaculate while he is inside than that is something to take a look at then. Hope that helps ya!

    • Yes and yes. I tried to finish him off with his hands, but Its better if I can make him come when were actually going at it, ya know? And maybe ill try those, thanks .

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    • Yes I used that too. is it effective for you ? :)

    • I had used it for almost 8 years. So, for me...I would say yes. You must read all the material and use as directed.

  • go on the pill or needle... then you won't have to wear a condom.

    i hate having sex with a guy that has one on so I could just imagine it would be 10 times worst for him

    • You are right, condoms suck for guys....but what about STD's, the pill doesn't protect you from them

    • Yer well mostly with guys you know and trust. ie bf's or someone genuine. but you are right I know I should be more careful then what I am. but they suck, it's just like having plastic inside you.... I'd rather just go without the sex

    • Im on the pill right now. And yeah I don't like the condom either, it feels weird. Hahaha.

  • get tested, and be on the pill. and if your worried about getting pregos, use spermicide.

    condoms suck.

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