Can't come with condom?

Guys, I don't know what to do. My boyfriend can't come with the condom on. And were not always gonna have sex with it off, because that's a huge risk. So, what can I do to help him come? I got on top and he said it felt amazing, but he couldn't come from it.

What do I do ?

Most Helpful Girl

  • It's not all that unusual for a guy to have trouble reaching orgasm with a condom. They reduce sensitivity for him. If you aren't able to use another form of birth control, you might have to improvise and provide him with other types of stimulation. You could always remove the condom and finish him off orally or with a hand job. You could also use a small amount of lube between your breasts and let him pleasure himself between them. Guys love that. Be creative and use your imagination. There's a lot of fun to be had outside of standard intercourse!