Guys, have you ever accidentally ejaculated in your pants?

Have you ever unintentionally ejaculated in your pants?

I was grinding on a guy at a party this weekend and his jizzed. We had only been dancing for 2 songs. We were both clothed. He had been rubbing his hands on my breast and stomach, but only over my dress. And he just came! He tried to hide it and ran off to the bathroom but it showed through his khaki pants. He was so embarrassed. I guess my ass rubbed on his d*** a little too much.

Has this happened to you? Could you just not wait? Or did you know it was about to happen?


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  • I was dancing with my girlfriend at a party and she was grinding on me for like 4 or 5 songs and It felt great and it just got to the point where I ejaculated. I stopped dancing and held her against me and she asked me "did you just cum? I can feel your d*** throbbing" I just smiled

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  • Luckily, no.

  • this is just a sad case of "what the f***? really" because seriously, this should never happen,x

  • Only from wet dreams. I usuallly stop myself when I feel the pressure will dancing or dry humping

  • It's not really something you can control. Something just really turns you on, and pushes you over the edge, and you ejaculate. Envisioning someone incredibly ugly naked might help but... that just sucks if you're trying to have fun at a party.

  • Never.

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