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Guys, have you ever accidentally ejaculated in your pants?

Have you ever unintentionally ejaculated in your pants? I was grinding on a guy at a party this weekend and his jizzed. We had only been dancing... Show More

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  • I was dancing with my girlfriend at a party and she was grinding on me for like 4 or 5 songs and It felt great and it just got to the point where I ejaculated. I stopped dancing and held her against me and she asked me "did you just cum? I can feel your d*** throbbing" I just smiled

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  • Luckily, no.

  • this is just a sad case of "what the f***? really" because seriously, this should never happen,x

  • Only from wet dreams. I usuallly stop myself when I feel the pressure will dancing or dry humping

  • Never.

  • It's not really something you can control. Something just really turns you on, and pushes you over the edge, and you ejaculate. Envisioning someone incredibly ugly naked might help but... that just sucks if you're trying to have fun at a party.

  • Yes I did.. from a similar situation to you. Sometimes, you are just in the moment, and enjoying what is going on, and how she was making me feel!

  • Ive had a wet dream once but that was a long time ago. The grinding thing has never happened to me but your ass must be incredible to do that.

  • Take it as a complement. Watch the movie "She's out of my league"

  • I one time jizzed when I was kinda jerking it over my boxers. when a guy hasn't gotten actionfora while it's easy for him to jizz quickly

  • It happens to most men, not just when they are awake, but also overnight. Are you familiar with wet dreams, AKA nocturnal emissions?

  • No, can't say it has.

  • close but not quite. have been able to get it under control before it happened. def have had a girl get a lot of pre out of me and would have been able to come if I pushed it.

    sometimes a guy is just that horny and into a chick that he loses it... take it as a compliment ;)

  • Think he suffered from premature ejaculation.

    Its never happened to me, but when I was 17 me and my Girlfriend broke up. I started having a lot of wet dreams, even if I would play with myself to prevent wet dreams. One week I had 10 wet dreams, other 12 wet dreams. So I went to see my doctor who just prescribed me vitamin B12, and told me to have cold showers Lol

    I got a Girlfriend though, and thankfully nightmare stopped.

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