Do women fantasise about castrating their male partners?

I ask this question after watching the movie Teeth with my girlfriend, a pretty sick comedy horror about a vagina with teeth. She seemed to coyly enjoy it and gave me several smug looks during certain castration scenes. Once the movie finished she made several "joke" comments about castrating me. I've heard her make these sort of jokes in passing before but didn't really think anything of it, this time she really got carried away to the point where I questioned her if she gets a kick out of these sort of thoughts. Her face flushed red and she tried to change topic, I have never seen her as uneasy as this...

Now I know a lot of women make smug jokes about cutting it off and fantasise about castrating men, and although they would never actually do it I understand this can be quite a satisfying thought for a woman. But a boyfriend or husband? is this normal? can a woman love someone but still take pleasure in knowing that he only remains a man because she allows him to remain a man?

honest answers please...

PS - please differentiate between reality and fantasy, I am talking here about female fantasy i.e. not a real-life intention!


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  • nope that is f***ed up , no fantasy , and its really kinda sick someone could fantasize about that, hurting a man in such a way, doing it, taking his pride etc

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      yeah it is pretty sick, thankfully you and the previous two posters agree with me on that...