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Do women fantasise about castrating their male partners?

I ask this question after watching the movie Teeth with my girlfriend, a pretty sick comedy horror about a vagina with teeth. She seemed to coyly... Show More

PS - please differentiate between reality and fantasy, I am talking here about female fantasy i.e. not a real-life intention!

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  • nope that is f***ed up , no fantasy , and its really kinda sick someone could fantasize about that, hurting a man in such a way, doing it, taking his pride etc

    • yeah it is pretty sick, thankfully you and the previous two posters agree with me on that...

What Girls Said 9

  • No, I don't get a kick out of that at all.And just because your girlfriend acted uncomfortable, that doesn't necessarily mean that she does.

    • well, I can't see any other way to explain her behavior ...its blatant.

    • She could have just felt embarrassed that she made it seem that way, or she could have been thrown off by your question just because it was so direct. Unless she actually said yes you can't be sure that yes is the answer.

  • No, not in real-life or in fantasy. Definitely not my thing. Have I threatened it, yep, because it definitely works, the guys run fast especially when they know you can (I work on a farm... its a mandatory skill). So in short, to answer your question, no.

    • who do you threaten, out of interest?

    • Guys who can't take a hint the first time... its kind of a last ditch effort if a guy just will not accept that I want nothing to do with him.

  • Nope, can't say I've ever thought of it. I think you might be looking into it a bit much lol.

  • I felt sick reading this. Definitely not a fantasy of mine.

    • good to know not ALL females are like this!

  • I'd only enjoy castrating a man if he cheated on me. Just kidding. But she's probably just joking about castrating you. She probably makes these jokes when you annoy her or act like a pervert. If she's serious, I suggest you run.. That's f***ed up.

    • its not about her actually being serious...but if its normal for women to fantasise about doing that sort of stuff.

  • They're just saying things like that because of how uncomfortable it makes men. Not because they're serious hahaha.

    • I never said she was serious about it...

  • Ugh no. I wouldn't want to castrate anyone in reality or fantasy unless he raped me or something.

  • Lmao it's a movie. Movie does not = reality.

    • no sh*t...i'm talking fantasy.

    • What's up with the attitude? For the record, women don't fantasize about that. But there's a lot of men that fantasize about mutilating a woman.

    • no attitude. that is really not a common fantasy amongst males, people with twisted fetishes aside. I've never heard guys joking or trying to unsettle or disturb girls with that sort of depravity but unfortunately can't say the same about women either IRL or online who do it all the time it seems.

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  • Why does this intimidate you so much? Its not like anyone is gonna castrate you. Just back off and let her have her thoughts for herself. :P

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