Why did my guy friend lie about being gay?

he`s so not gay. we had sex. why did he lie

no, he usually f***s other gay men, he ain't bi


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  • Don't be so sure that he's not gay.

    I know gay men who've been with women before. They thought it was hot... It just wasn't something that they would prefer to being with a man. And they weren't bi and would never pursue a relationship with a woman. And it was before they realized that they were gay.

    And maybe he's just curious. You can't assume that he's lying about his sexuality. He's the only one who can know how he feels about others.


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  • You say you slept with him, but he sleeps with guys, but you say he is not bi...?


What Girls Said 6

  • What? So you had sex with someone because you thought he was gay? And if he has sex with guys, then he is obviously bi or just gay.

  • first of all, some men seem really straight but they are gay. and if you know he has sex with men, why are you also saying he's not gay?

  • okay well bi mean he sleeps with men and women so he f***s those gay men adn you that makes him bi

  • just because you had sex with I'm doesn't mean he isn't gay...a lot of gay dudes hook up with women its called bi...

  • well obviously he s bi.duh! I agree with the chicka before me. read ur update.