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Does anyone else get stomach aches after swallowing?

Every time I swallow during a blow job, my stomach hurts and I feel nauseous. I usually feel better after I eat something, but I feel like throwing... Show More

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  • That's weird because I've never had a girl complain of that. There's bound to be a particular kind of drink that'd blend, mask, hide or nullify come in your stomach. It might be orange juice, grape juice, grapefruit juice, coke, 7-up, etc. Experiment with different ones until you find the perfect one that completely takes away the affect you're talking about. Then you can start cutting down on the drink until you don't even have to drink anything after giving a blow job anymore. You want to work towards that so you don't have that on your mind anymore whenever you give head.

    • I'll give that a try. I've tried eating before going down on him but it didn't do anything to help my stomach. Maybe I'll try orange juice next time haha thanks!

    • Lol you're welcome. But grape juice works great for sure, but I'm sure orange juice will be good for that too. The acidity in those fruits seem to do wonders. I'd bet anything that this method will calm your stomach down to where you'll forget you ever had this problem. Also, start thinking of come as a good thing for you. It's amazing how our mind changes how things affect us when it 's true.

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  • ok lol this might sound crazy, try eating something hot before you do it see how that does?

  • All my girlfriends swallowed every time. Only one of them had a problem similar to yours. Her problem went away by chewing mint / gum before going down on me. Also, make sure that you do it in the right position. The best is when he is sitting on a bed or sofa and you are kneeling between his legs. That way you won't get the gag reflex. Also, try taking it in your throat when he is cumming. Then you won't taste it.

    • Chewing gum before going down on you made her stomach not hurt? Maybe I'll try that... Its not the taste that is bothering me or my gag reflex. Its having his come in my stomach. I just get a stomach ache after I swallow his come. But I'll try the gum thing and see what happens. Thanks

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  • i used to have the same problem. the taste was something I could live with, id just chew some gum afterwards, but I used to get almost cramp-like stomach aches afterwards. I found that eating before you blow him helps a lot, the stomach aches were because id give him head in the morning before I had had breakfast.

    idk if that's your problem, but try giving him a bj after you've eaten and see if it helps.

    • Yeah that sounds like the same problem I have. Not the taste at all, just feeling sick to my stomach after I swallow. I tried eating before giving him head once but it didn't help. I'll keep trying though haha thanks

  • I don't know why you're having trouble swallowing because I have from the very first time I gave head, and I've given head to 3 guys including my present boyfriend and they've all had their individual taste. One my friends swallow all the time too because she's told me that more than once. It's amazing what a bad attitude about that can do. Well I think you should live with it because I think it's important that you keep swallowing whenever you give a blow job. The thing that has worked for me is to make sure his dick is about half way in when he cums and then just swallow it right down each time he squirts, and then maybe have a drink of whatever kind to kinda mix it up like you'd do with any other food. It just seems like you'd get used to it after several+ times. Don't hold it in your mouth because then you start tasking it and having time to be thinking something negative. Always think positive and swallow it down as if it was something you've been waiting for and really like. Eventually, that's exactly how it'll be.

    • It isn't the taste that makes me sick. Its his actual come being in my stomach. I don't mind swallowing, the taste is not what is bothering me...its feeling nauseous after I swallow.

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