Guys, physically, what does your dream girl look like?

I'm just curious what physically the girl of your dreams looks like? Height, hair color, eye color, weight etc.

Wow great details! What I look like: I'm 5'5, 120lbs, (34B-25-36)dark brown hair(almost black), greenish/blue eyes..What MY dream guy looks like!.the actor Gilles Marini gives a pretty good picture of what I like! Thanks for the answers guys! =)

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  • I know this is for dudes, but my dream guy is tall, with blond curly hair, green/ blue eyes, a slight tan and lean. Kind of a surfer bod.

  • im a girl but, penelope cruz is gourgeous. my dream man...heath ledger

  • I'm actually kind of in love with this question. It's great to see all of the variety guys want. Not just a stick think Barbie type.

  • 5'6, 114 lbs, brown eyes, athletic, long legs, great smiles, social butterfly... oh wait, that's me! HAHAH

  • wow awesome question. my dream guy is my heightor taller or a little shorter, dark hair, dark eyes. hot. I like spanish/ hispanic/ asian or white guys um he has to haveg a great smile, cute eyes yeah and personality/c haracter are the most important things

  • Hmm...apparently I don't fit the description of a dream girl. Oh well. My look is too unique.

    What's up with guys not liking curly hair? They all say straight or wavy.

    • I love long curley hair

  • A bit chunky but not too much. A little bit of cellulite. A few grey hairs. Big breasts, and a nice big booty. Cute face with soft features. Even a few wrinkles, as long as not too much.

  • o cool! We hae similar body types =)

  • wow I really liked this question! there was a lot of variety and it was very interesting to see all what guys liked! I even fit someones almost exact description!

  • and I thought being an hourglass with wavy dark brown/black 5'6" was bad

  • Wow a lot of guys are for the brunettes, hmmm I'm blonde I think I've got some problems their xD

    • If you're a fake blonde hair like a pornstar, then forget it, they don't like fake girls.

  • what a great question! so much variety in the answer (which was unexpected)

  • Good question I would like to know the answers as well.

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    Height would be nice if she came up to about my chest or chin, hair color a dark red blonde or light brown of any length as long as it looked nice that way; prefereably large doeful blue, green, hazel or light brown eyes; not gaunt or too over weight, petite and a little chunky is ok, as long as it's not too far one way or the other. medium thick eye brows are prefered, a slightly up turned nose would be adorable, a small feminine jaw and chin, detached ear lobes are a preffered; I'd rather she didn't have too large of breasts, I'd worry too much about her back and such, but healthy breasts are bests as long as they're natural again comes down to me worrying about her health, but also in the case of fake ones I might worry if she got them for vanity reasons insecurity or something else. Fair skin tone, to me pale skin is absolutely gorgeous, but I wouldn't rule out a tan complexion, soft carasable skin. I could go on, but so everyone knows, this is just a dream girl, not like I am setting standards that high or anything or am so vain, I'm more concerned with a woman's personality and whether or not we "just click" for me attraction is almost instant after knowing/guessing a woman's personality assuming she is at least cute. So I hope no one thinks I'm shallow for this. And I hope this answers your question to your liking. Also if you don't mind my asking, what's your dream guy's body like?

    • Haha thanks

    • Yea, but not "too" tall =)

    • Im 5' 8"... so I guess that probably a little taller actually

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  • my dream girl should have a sexy face, small eyes and cute little nose (like east Asian). I like small breast. and at least 5'5", I'm 5'10", its OK if she is taller than me. thick thighs turn me on but not a must. thin to average body type. I don't care about complexion. MUST have tattoos and mild piercing. she must be a smoker, I don't smoke but I like girls with cigarette. and I find husky voice very sexy.. I like makeup. body hair is a big no no.

    if you are a girl who likes to hold your guys hand above his elbow while you walk with him then you are the right one.. other than that its all about attitude. even if she is a mis universe if she doesn't have the right attitude its useless. she must be truthful, even if she is a serial killer/a hooker if she is truthful about it I'm OK with it. truth turns me on.

  • 5'6"-5'10" tall, around 125-140 lbs. I like em thick lol. plump booty, nice long jet black hair with seductive eyes.

  • I like a tall or short girl who has long hair, and has either fair or big boobs and a really nice big booty...i like the hour glass figure with a very big bottom base if you know what I mean ; )

  • Gilles Marini has a great body, but I never thought he was that good looking.

  • 5'7 is perfect height.

    weight- as long as theyre healthy and not fat or too big I'm OK. chunky I don't mind. I think petite girls are just, ehh not for me. but I definately want to be able to wrap my arms around her.

    brownish redish hair or light brown

    usually white or tan so I like hispanics

    light brown/ hazel eyes/ or green

    nice smile

    clean looking.

    no makeup if any very little. I like natural beauty.

  • 5'1

    100 lbs

    nice booty

    small booby

    blond white girl

  • It may vary person to person. I would say that althugh my height is short but girls height is no big deal for me. But to tell you the truth I like woman who appartently looks thin (by face) but through inside physically they are not. I also like small legs which tends to be flashy most of the time. Like former italian actress sophia lauren. I m attracted with black clour of hair and eyes.

  • about 5'5, 120lbs, (34B-25-36)dark brown hair(almost black), greenish/blue eyes

    you sound like my dream girl!

  • The eyes. That is the firt thing I notice. Preferably blue, however I've seen some very nice green eyes. Either of those two (or a mix) is a great start.

    Height... Shorter than me or around the same height is a must.

    Weight? If I am able to pick her up and carry her then you are the perfect weight. In some cases a bit heavier is acceptable as I am not that strong.

    Hair, Really does depend on the girl. Either dark, or blonde. But to be hounest... it all depends on how they dress and have the hair.

  • The girl of my dreams exudes radiance. Her face glows when she smiles. Slightly shy, she has a great personality and loves to laugh. She either has blond hair or reddish hair, long or medium length. Between 5'8" and 6'1", she has medium to long legs, and rocks a dress like nobody's business. I don't know about weight numbers, but she's got it going on, even if there's some extra skin somewhere. She has a small to medium chest, green or blue eyes, and looks really cute when she's pensive or mad, and amazing when she's happy. And she loves Jesus. A little more than what was asked for, but I like to ponder this sometimes.

    • Saammmee! you described me lol

    • You just basically described me :)

  • Like herself

  • i love great legs and a ass!

  • Kim Kardashian. Plain and simply.

    • yeah she is smokin, but her sex tape blows.

    • Who cares? If its real enough to touch I like it.

    • If you like facial and body implants, I suppose she cld be your girl.

      Ohh and I almost forgot, Botoxxx! Lots of it!

  • Kate Beckinsale both in body and personality.

    Or the fit Britney Spears for legs, T & A.

    Or for overall athletic physique, check out Zuzana at


  • nice-sized, full breasts

    Healthy, thick butt

    Healthy thick thighs

    Healthy thick wide hips(wider than waist)

    comparatively Small waist(meaning their waist doesn't have neccessarily be "small" just smaller than their hips)

    healthy, medium-large arms

    medium-large calves

    wide ankles(large calves wouldn't look right on skinny ankles)

    also a small gut ain't that bad

    most perfect example:




  • Physically. I've love girls with powerful legs. link

  • Sally Fields when she was in her 20's. Goldie Hawn when she was in her 20's.

    For me the physical form I find most attractive is petite, 5'2" or 5'3", smallish breasts, no larger than a C, slender waist and firm small butt. Add to that nicely shaped legs and the rest can be whatever! I do love brown eyes too.

    That is the physical package...

    What turns me on the most is personality, spunky attitude, self assured, self reliant. I think that's the BIGGEST part... Being self reliant. I have enough trouble keeping my OWN butt out of trouble without taking on the responsibility for somebody else's decisions too!

  • Body wise does not have a big effect on my dream girl. As long as she is athletic in some sense, she doesn't have to be super skinny like most girls want to be. She has to have a beautiful smile though. And green or blue eyes. Something that dazzles in the light. She needs to hate makeup (Haha. Yes it's true. Makeup is like a mask. I don't wanna look at a costume my whole life. I wanna see her face) She needs to have brown hair that looks amazing when it is curly. I love curly hair. That's about it.

  • I'm not way too picky on looks since I've seen some cute skinny girls and cute curvy girls.

    But if I had to pick I would say:

    height: 5'1" to 5'8"

    weight: (depending on height) 90-130

    hair: dark brown or black

    I don't mind a few pimples here and there, but I don't like overdone makeup. I'll admit, and I hate saying this, but I don't want to date a real pretty girl only to realize when she washes the makeup off that she looks like Pamela Anderson without makeup. Don't overdo it! I don't care for breast size or bootys.

    • So true about the makeup !!!!

  • toned, great eyes (blue or hazel), brown or black hair, or maybe something wild to make them stand out

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