Guys, physically, what does your dream girl look like?

I'm just curious what physically the girl of your dreams looks like? Height, hair color, eye color, weight etc.

Wow great details! What I look like: I'm 5'5, 120lbs, (34B-25-36)dark brown hair(almost black), greenish/blue eyes..What MY dream guy looks like!.the actor Gilles Marini gives a pretty good picture of what I like! Thanks for the answers guys! =)


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  • Height would be nice if she came up to about my chest or chin, hair color a dark red blonde or light brown of any length as long as it looked nice that way; prefereably large doeful blue, green, hazel or light brown eyes; not gaunt or too over weight, petite and a little chunky is ok, as long as it's not too far one way or the other. medium thick eye brows are prefered, a slightly up turned nose would be adorable, a small feminine jaw and chin, detached ear lobes are a preffered; I'd rather she didn't have too large of breasts, I'd worry too much about her back and such, but healthy breasts are bests as long as they're natural again comes down to me worrying about her health, but also in the case of fake ones I might worry if she got them for vanity reasons insecurity or something else. Fair skin tone, to me pale skin is absolutely gorgeous, but I wouldn't rule out a tan complexion, soft carasable skin. I could go on, but so everyone knows, this is just a dream girl, not like I am setting standards that high or anything or am so vain, I'm more concerned with a woman's personality and whether or not we "just click" for me attraction is almost instant after knowing/guessing a woman's personality assuming she is at least cute. So I hope no one thinks I'm shallow for this. And I hope this answers your question to your liking. Also if you don't mind my asking, what's your dream guy's body like?

    • Lol that's what I look like :) my hair color is naturally light brown with red and blonde highlights. I have greenish hazel eyes. average weight. medium eyebrows. detached earlobes (lol) and warm but fair skin. Hahaha that's kinda funny :)

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    • Yea, but not "too" tall =)

    • Haha thanks

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  • From the answers that you get, don't think you should change yourself. You are who you are, be happy with your body ;) Every man is different, like any women is different.

    I like a shorter girl. I would be intimidated if she were taller, furthermore I would feel small :( So 5'2"-5'4" I'm 5'5" Lol, so short.

    Hair color is black, or any shade of brown. Eye color depends on the hair. Darker colors is brown, red/orange is green/hazel, blond is blue. Weight um... Don't really care as long as she looks healthy.

    Skin tone: Something like mid tan, but not like you tan every day. Asian, or Hispanic skin tone.

    Curvy :))) No stick figure.

    Long black hair, maybe a little curly, but not too curly.

    White teeth.

    Something like Cote de Pablo :)

  • Body wise does not have a big effect on my dream girl. As long as she is athletic in some sense, she doesn't have to be super skinny like most girls want to be. She has to have a beautiful smile though. And green or blue eyes. Something that dazzles in the light. She needs to hate makeup (Haha. Yes it's true. Makeup is like a mask. I don't wanna look at a costume my whole life. I wanna see her face) She needs to have brown hair that looks amazing when it is curly. I love curly hair. That's about it.

  • First of all, for me personally the most beautiful women in the world are Monica Bellucci (matrix 2, but a lot hotter in other stuff), Christina Applegate (the sweetest thing), Elizabeth Hurley (austin powers, bedazzled), Jennifer Connely (requiem for a dream), and Catherine Zeta Jones (zorro, traffic, etc). Celebrities and Models are a good place to look for what men like about how women look, because that's what makes them so popular to men. Not all guys like all things about how women on tv generally look, some will debate that's too skinny or those boobs are even too big for me, whatever. Some guys don't want a girl who looks like a celebrity. But overall, celebrities on TV do a great job of getting guys to look at them, that's why they're paid millions to do whatever they do.

    Height: a lot of guys won't date a girl taller than him. Some girls are too short for some guys, but shortness isn't really a big issue for most guys.

    Hair Color: I'd prefer blonde, but as you can see from my favorites, anything is fine. Blonde hair usually makes a woman more beautiful, brown seem more intelligent, black more seductive, and red more passionate or fun loving.

    Eye color: blue eyes are prettier to me, but really I don't care much at all about eye color

    weight: I don't like girls who are too skinny, a curvaceous voluptuous body seems sexiest to me, like monica bellucci's. Basically my dream girl would have hourglass curviness, but still enough weight to not have too much hip bone rib bone stuff going on. A medium weight but just really proportioned, and not round anywhere she shouldn't be.

    I love boobs way too much, so big boobs (like porno size) would put me in heaven.

    As far as asses go, there's different kinds of beautiful booties, and I don't need a big one but it is nice, so either a sleek and slender or a nice cushy ass would be great.

    I'm not much of a details guy, I don't care about what fingers, fingernails, feet, elbows, shoulders, or a lot of other stuff looks like. I'd imagine that's true for most guys, so don't worry about that stuff so much. No guy is going to go out with you because you had great fingernails or earlobes. And if he does he's a weirdo anyway. That's why I don't get why women stress over that stuff.

  • Very, very different :D As many different guys there are, that there as many tastes. Here's what girls reading this should realize! ======> There's someone for everyone. The best part is this... Biology has made it so that we're most physically attracted precisely to those people who are most physically attracted to us.

    Your ideal physical match, you're an ideal physical match for him as well! Of course, a lot of ego, and media, and insecurities come after this, but at the core, everyone has a biological match.


    My ideal: 5'1, hazel colour hair, angular but yet cute baby-faced face, dark-tanned or at least not pale, very very firm round tight butt [very important, has to look like she exercises], and most importantly small, feminine hands... Like short, thin, gentle silky like fingers, white teeth (MUST), eyes that are physically shaped in a seductive shape (can't explain it, but some girls just have those eyes)... and she has to have some muscle on her... Usually the butt suffices, but more muscle can't hurt.


    Man-like (sausage) fingers and and non-firm butts are a deal-breaker for me. Yet some guys (actually most of my friends) only like non-firm butts and long thick fingers.

  • Megan Fox

    • That is not original

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    • You know that while your saying megan fox sucks and make you feel insecure, girls who are like megan fox would feel like its not fair that she shouldn't count!

      its like saying skinny girls shouldn't be accepted and we should only like curves...

      think about it hunnies. fix your confidence and allow celebrities determine how you feel about yourself.

      oh yea and just one more thing, megan fox had bad skin she's not perfect. just sayin

    • Ooo I mean DO NOT allow celebrities to determine your self esteem

  • 5'6"-5'10" tall, around 125-140 lbs. I like em thick lol. plump booty, nice long jet black hair with seductive eyes.

  • Hmm ... Brunette hair down to the shoulders or a little further, 5'4" - 5'6", 34C, Fills out her pants (not chubby, but not a stick), Amazing eyes (I don't care what color, as long as I can get lost in them), Tan (but not an every day, beach goer tan), Great smile with white, straight teeth, Toned muscle on her body, and Me under her. That shouldn't be TOO hard to find.

    • Nope I have 2 sisters and we all look likethat except one she's 5'8"

    • That family has nice genes. Heeeey.

  • Basically Emma Watson, for practically all intents and purposes.

  • I love Tyra banks, even more now because she is curvier but I do tend to like a girl that is around 5'2 to 5'6 maybe

    Idk but I love a curvy girl for sure

    • What do you mean by curvy?

    • Curvy is like, she has meat on her but not too much lol. Like she has a nice butt and nice boobs. i

  • either long very black or light brown hair but nothing in between like dark brown hair. between 5,6 and 5,9 weight between 110 and 130 hazel eyes and kinda thick eyebrows so that they can be very well shaped. I don't like those hair thin brows. and nice feet and hands. and b or c cup breasts

    • Honestly no girl 5'6'' or above should weigh 110 lbs, and she'd definitely not be more than an A cup

    • I am 5.6, well 114 lbs, C cup, cat eyes, .... but I have other issues ..... I am blond hohoh

  • Well, there's different kinds of pretty girls, but for me, Mrs. Drop Dead Gorgeous would look like

    5-6 Feet

    Curvy body, 100-130 pounds, with a nice chest and posterior

    Gorgeous eyes, like Hazel, or green, or blue.

    Blond Hair, with a healthy tan

    I wouldn't want a stick, just a healthy woman who takes care of herself.

  • Shorter than me

    Dark hair

    Big eyes

    Cute face

    Hourglass figure

    An ass with some meat on it

    Breasts large enough to have fun with

    Not fat

    Not stick thin (don't wanna see bones)

    Cool hair (can be long or short, as long as it's cool), fringes (bangs) are nice.

    I don't sound too picky (I think hah), but the face has to be really cute. I don't find a lot of girls that attractive because of this. Loads have good bodies, but not many have a face that I'm attracted to. Can't describe faces very well though!

    • Good to hear a guy actually wants someone who's curvy! NOT a stick figure!

  • Im not bothered in the fucking slighest about appearance, To me, This :

    Looks no worse then this

    So yeah... Couldnt give a flying fuck, All i ask is for a heart of gold.

    • The top one looks like a fat Idina Menzel

    • You think? I dont see the resemblance :/

  • My dream girl would be someone I could talk to about anything and be able to share anything with. Who makes me feel alive and looking forward to the next moment I see her. Everything else is bonus.

  • For me, I'm not strict in my opinion of what the girl of my dreams would look like, it just depends on who I am attracted to. Personality is what matters, but to answer your question, there are a few things I would like specifically. First, if she is as tall as me, maybe a little shorter, that would be fine. Personally, if a girl has to stand on her toes to give me a hug or a kiss, that's what I want, but like I said, it would be nice, but if a girl like that doesn't come up, I can still live. Also, I like blue eyes, and hair color doesn't really matter. Could be blonde, light brown, or anything else, it just has to match her personality. I would want her to be near as physically active as I am too. Finally, I want her to take care of herself, but not to the point where all that matters is her appearance, and if she doesn't look perfect, it's the end of the world. That's not something I want. That's all I can think of.

  • Sally Fields when she was in her 20's. Goldie Hawn when she was in her 20's.

    For me the physical form I find most attractive is petite, 5'2" or 5'3", smallish breasts, no larger than a C, slender waist and firm small butt. Add to that nicely shaped legs and the rest can be whatever! I do love brown eyes too.

    That is the physical package...

    What turns me on the most is personality, spunky attitude, self assured, self reliant. I think that's the BIGGEST part... Being self reliant. I have enough trouble keeping my OWN butt out of trouble without taking on the responsibility for somebody else's decisions too!

  • Basically like any Victoria's Secret model.

  • there is no girl of my dreams, but there are some physical traits that always catch my eye:

    short, curvy build (hourglass figure) with thicker legs.

    shelf ass.

    black hair and fair skin, especially with freckles.

    cleft chin.

    little gap between two front teeth.

    • Kind of like her:


      As far as dark hair, freckles, gap between front teeth, and (sort of) a cleft chin...

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    • Hilly-billy much? lol rocksongwriter

    • Gap between front teeth? :O

  • About my height (5'10") or maybe taller

    In great physical shape - not female body builder, but rather flat stomach.

    Eye color: any. (Actually blue eyes are more attractive, however since my super crush in high school had brown eyes, I can't discount them. Plus Natalie Portman has brown eyes, and she's adorable!)

    Hair color: any. Really...I can point to ladies of each color hair that are hot. It's like:

    PERSON 1: "Blondes are hot...look at Cameron Diaz!"

    PERSON 2: "What about Michaela McManus?"

    1: "Right! Brunettes are dreamy!"

    2: "What about Khrystyne Haje?"

    1: "Yeah. Redheads..."

    2: "Tia Carrera?"

    1: "Ahhh...gotta love the black hair...

    2: " Estelle Getty?"

    1: "No to grey hair."

    I like the skinnier athletic girls. When I was in high school, I wasn't really attracted to the cheerleaders - more so to the track girls & soccer girls.

    • You like tall girls... Yah! At least somebody does...

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    • I don't. But I usually date tall sporty guyz. lol

    • Lol I'm 5'10" and I'm proud ... just that sometimes I wish I could be more petite :)

  • my dream girl: 5'5, 120lbs, (34B-25-36)dark brown hair(almost black), greenish/blue eyes

    here's a picture of me:


  • real talk...

    Meagan Good, enough said bout my dream girl's look lol.

  • It'll be easier just to list different women: Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood, Megan Fox, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Adrianna Lima, Alessandra Ambrosia. I could keep going but I think you should be able to get the idea. Some meat is fine, but still fit, nice boobs, eyes don't matter too much but blue or green is nice.

    • Not that you are actively perusing her.....but Alessandra is so disappointing in person. I met her once prior to our Brazil flight & was taken back a bit. Running late, typical, figured she was taking the same plane, so asked her about time or something, prefaced by if she was the VS model, which she seemed pleased with, who wouldn't. I tried to be polite, "that's so cool", but as usual my inner feelings surfaced, she knew I was covering; SCRAWNY, BLAH FACE WITH SHARP CHIN AND BIG FOREHEAD.

  • 5'0-6'0 feet tall

    long mid back length dark brown hair

    brown eyes

    36 B-36 C chest

    small, soft cute butt

    flat or toned tummy

    long legs and cute toes

  • 6 feet. Good bone structure. Anglo Saxon caucasian. Feminine. No history of disease or heart-failure or anything like that. She must come from a noble family.

    I know this sounds so gattaca, but the question itself is a little silly. There is no perfect physical description, my choice will depend on so many other factors;

    I don't have a clear picture. But I know she must be educated, smart, able to work and eek out a living so she cannot simply depend on me.

    That's all. I can't be bothered to write all factors. But it's not just about physical appearance.

    • Must be from a noble family?

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    • Aye.

    • You mentioned gattaca. you just made my day :D

  • Believe it or not. America Ferrara? The girl who plays Ugly bettie. When she's not done up to look like ugly betty is really pretty. I've always preferred cute/girl next door to model type hotness. And I like me some curves!

  • my dream girl would be 5'5 or shorter, short brown hair( for some reason I don't like thin hair on girls, I like it thick haha) brown eyes, a face that just stands out like it hits you in the face how unique she is and doesn't look like other girls, her smile has to be something out of this world and her laugh contagious. umm normal sized boobs I guess, maybe B or C I don't want flat or watermelons, she should be fit all around I guess not supermodel but you know, someone who cares about keeping themselves in shape. also she has to be a strong woman not just physically but as a whole person

  • 5'7 is perfect height.

    weight- as long as theyre healthy and not fat or too big I'm OK. chunky I don't mind. I think petite girls are just, ehh not for me. but I definately want to be able to wrap my arms around her.

    brownish redish hair or light brown

    usually white or tan so I like hispanics

    light brown/ hazel eyes/ or green

    nice smile

    clean looking.

    no makeup if any very little. I like natural beauty.

  • black hair.

    blue eyes.

    fair skin, with freckles.

    smallish, high-set breasts.

    smallish waist.

    hourglass hips and thighs. bubble butt.

    shorter (under 5'4")

  • Well, since you asked for a very specific example I'll give you one. Tall, about 5' 8"+. Brown hair, really it doesn't matter as long as it's not died pink or purple or every other color of the rainbow. Eye color doesn't matter, but I think a shade of green or hazel would be nice. Weight could be somewhere around 125-150 and someone who is athletic (the girl I have my eyes on at the moment runs track and has a bit of a firecracker personality, but hey that's just me)

    • <~~~~~~~~~ hehe love that answer!

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    • Haha

    • Wow....thats almost me...I'm exactly 5'8, Brown hair, Hazel Eyes, 126 ;) but I wouldn't say I'm shape! But not athletic xD

  • I have two types I like, one is exactly like my girlfriend (and I'm not just saying that) 5'3'' brown hair, bluish eyes and very light.

    My other dream girl is 5'8''ish (seeing how I'm 6'3'') black hair, any eye color and around 120-135ish

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  • wow awesome question. my dream guy is my heightor taller or a little shorter, dark hair, dark eyes. hot. I like spanish/ hispanic/ asian or white guys um he has to haveg a great smile, cute eyes yeah and personality/c haracter are the most important things

  • If I was a guy I would marry Rachel McAdams.

  • Hmm...apparently I don't fit the description of a dream girl. Oh well. My look is too unique.

    What's up with guys not liking curly hair? They all say straight or wavy.

  • im a girl but, penelope cruz is gourgeous. my dream man...heath ledger

  • wow I really liked this question! there was a lot of variety and it was very interesting to see all what guys liked! I even fit someones almost exact description!

  • I just have to say that I don't believe I have ever met someone over the age of 15 that was 5'2+ and 90 pounds! sorry to break it to you. and I know that this is girls as guys., but since I'm bisexual I thought I'd give my take on this question too! I have always had a thing for beautiful women with tan skin. My two previous exes have been around 5 foot and Hispanic. They're honestly my favorite. Deep brown chocolate brown eyes. The natural curly hair that bounces while they walk is to die for. I prefer woman to be shorter than me, (4'10-5'3), but a little taller would also be cute too. Freckles are adorable. a diamond or oval shape, I LOOVE full butts. any type of boobies, honestly any type of body is amazing.

  • o cool! We hae similar body types =)

  • 5'6, 114 lbs, brown eyes, athletic, long legs, great smiles, social butterfly... oh wait, that's me! HAHAH

  • I know this is for dudes, but my dream guy is tall, with blond curly hair, green/ blue eyes, a slight tan and lean. Kind of a surfer bod.

  • Good question I would like to know the answers as well.

  • and I thought being an hourglass with wavy dark brown/black 5'6" was bad

  • I'm actually kind of in love with this question. It's great to see all of the variety guys want. Not just a stick think Barbie type.

  • Wow a lot of guys are for the brunettes, hmmm I'm blonde I think I've got some problems their xD

    • If you're a fake blonde hair like a pornstar, then forget it, they don't like fake girls.

  • A bit chunky but not too much. A little bit of cellulite. A few grey hairs. Big breasts, and a nice big booty. Cute face with soft features. Even a few wrinkles, as long as not too much.

  • what a great question! so much variety in the answer (which was unexpected)