Why do guys like to finger girls?

Just curious. I was wondering. Why do men enjoy doing it. What do they get out of it?


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  • Honestly for me, it's something I don't have and you do. Something I don't get to do everyday. It's fun to play with it because to me I can see what you get to see daily. Something different if you will, instead of the same old you know. It's exciting because it's something New and exciting all the time, and how it's totally different getting her off as opposed to myself. It's just a cool feeling, it's like getting to see what having one would be like for five seconds without being able to feel it yourself, but getting as close as possible to that. I don't know that may sound weird I'm sure my opinion is very different from other guys. To me it's just because for once I get to see a girls side of masterbation which is cool! Fun! And very interesting because it's just so different, but in a good way. It's also fun to see what things that we like with speed, pressure etc, that are similar and what things aren't. It's nice to see that there are some similarities and some differences, by that I mean sometimes when I'm playing with a girls pussy; she'll look up at me and give me that WOW look because I did something as a guy, that she either 1. never thought of 2. Couldn't think up herself because females don't have quite as much sexual drive as males do most times. Some females do have a lot of drive, but males have more testosterone, which makes us want it more usually. So when we are playing with it for you, we are a little more wild most times than you yourself would be, and sometimes that can conspire into the WOW look of WOW that was amazing I never thought about moving my fingers/hands that way.

    It's by far a huge turn on. Very fun. Very interesting at least to me. Also educational for both sexes involved, either way. Weather your playing with him, or he's playing with you. The same things I described do sometimes occur we even will go wow, what she just did was amazing I never even thought about that. Because women are more sensual most times, because of that they will do things lightly, and sometimes that can drive a guy wild because of just the different approach of what he's used to it's new cool and once again a learning experience for both and very fun.

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      you took like 20 years to answer this and literally repeated half the sentences. calm down.

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  • I think the biggest thing would be they get to see how it turns you on, if they think they are giving you pleasure by doing this it can be a huge turn on for them.

    To you guys who say girls don't get anything out of it, I'm not sure I agree, I can't help but think, I get excited/turned on when I give oral or a hand job to my guy . I get to see how much pleasure I'm giving him, that in it's self , is a big turn on, not to mention the look , feel, taste etc... of the whole experience.