Would you girls squirt on a guy's face like how guys do facials if you could?

If you could squirt easily, and I know many girls cannot, would you squirt all over your man's face just like how guys do to girls with facials? I wouldn't mind at all, and actually would find it hot if a girl did it to me. What do you girls think?


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  • Jesus Christ that would be awesome! Hahahha actually it's funny though because when I orgasm it does squirt everywhere ...just not ever on his face, just all up his hand and arm omsh kinda embarrassing but it would be more amusing to me than hot although if he liked it then, like whatever turns him on turns me on so the answer is yes :)

    • So you already squirt and think it is embarrassing? Don't! It is so hot! Does he ever tell you that? If it was me you were squirting on I would tell you how hot it was and to aim for my face LOL

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    • So do you ever squirt all over his face or just his body? I would make you do it on my face LOL. It is only fair since I love to give facials! Who cares about the sheets? The hotness makes up for it! Don't be embarrassed over this! It is super sexy

    • Oops just read where it never goes on his face. Well, you need to aim more carefully next time and aim there lol

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  • Hypothetically, if he went down on me sure...but he doesn't and I have no desire to receive, so that's not too possible.

    • No desire to receive? What is wrong with you?

  • I have. My boyfriend loves it.

  • I can and I do ! Love it!

    • Do you get turned on? I think it is hot but have never had it done to me.

    • Very! It works because he loves it too!

  • yes.

    • I knew you would say yes considering your other perv answers I have seen. LOLLOL I mean that in a good way!

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    • heuheuheuheuhe...

    • I got it - since you are from canada your name should be "cottoncandyperv, eh" :)

  • Thats the goal of the guy I'm seeing now. I guess in other cultures that liquid is called nectar and is considered sacred (like holy water) lol.

    • If that is the goal, why hasn't it happened?

  • Yeah I would - I never have squirted though. I'd like to one day, and I know most men would find it really hot to do so on their face. lol

  • Omg yes! Are you busy by any chance?

    • lol I am a super dominant guy but this appeals to me for some reason

  • if you wanted it I guess I could


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  • i'd like to hear more from women who say facials degrade women.

  • Man, that would be so hot. It would also give her a chancd to see how she looks like (kind of) when she is covered in my nectar.

  • That would be amazing.

  • "Oh but it's so degrading!" lol

    I would love it.