What are guys "hot spots?"

I want to know exactly how to turn my guy on. What really revs a guy up in foreplay? I want to be able to please him more. Any pointers?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Of course we all know the neck and ears. The dip of his back is a great one. You can never go wrong with the little spot right below the belly button. Start with soft kisses then begin a little pressure it will drive him wild. The inside of his thighs has seemed to work pretty well. And also the nipples a lot of girls and even guys overlook the mans nipple but it is usually a very tender spot with all men. But also all men are different but these seam to be things I have realized work in comparison.


What Guys Said 2

  • I think I am more feminine. I like to get lots of touching. I like she tells me I have a nice body.

  • For every man it is different, just like for every women. So, I will tell you what I like, that is the best I can do.

    I love to kiss and hold her head while I do it, it feels very tingly to me. I like it when she starts to put her hands on my chest while we kiss. I like her to rub the big guy too, when we kiss. I love to French kiss. I like my neck to be kissed and sweet whispers in my ear. I love it when she gets on top of me, while we kiss and rubs herself on me, while we are dressed still, I think that is hot. If you were to stand in front of him and touch yourself, just lightly, that would be hot. I think that everything leading up to the actual intercourse is the best of all.


What Girls Said 2

  • To be honest you just have to get I'm horny look to make things clear, start off feeling on him and try to talk to him in a sexy way. That's all the advice I can probably give you but if there's more just send me a message. Bye