Have you ever love someone (you're not in a relationship with) while having sex with another someone else?

It could be an ex, a crush, a person who passed away, etc... That you LOVE.

Have you ever had sex with someone while being in love with another person?

How did you feel afterwards? After the sex...

  • Vote A Yes I have had sex with someone while being and love with another
  • Vote B No I have never had sex with someone while being and love with another
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  • Vote D I've never had sex
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  • I may get some unpopular votes for being honest but not everyone believes that sex is a monogamous action between two people who love each other. There's a girl that I am absolutely head over heels for... But we've been best friends for about 15 years and I honestly don't know if she feels the same way about me. We would do absolutely anything for other for the other person and we have always been there for the each other. One of the greatest joys of my life is seeing her be happy... Unfortunately that means watching her be happy with someone else. The day may come where she feels that way about me as well, but until then I'm not going to put my life on hold. I've had friends with benefits, one night stands and plenty of casual girlfriends. But she's always going to be the one in my eyes.

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      Dude you have GOT to let her know this! Nothing ventured nothing gained--- why are you not telling her? You have all the right factors there for an awesome, once in a lifetime relationship!

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      I'm a big baby and I'm terrified of ruining what we have because of what I want. What happens if I tell her and completely ruin the trust between us?