Do you carry a condom with you ?

I'm just curious. I have a friend that she has a box of condoms in her bag all the time. And my guy friends some always have one with them too.

Do you have one with you just incase you get lucky?

And no, not an old condom or all folded up either.

  • Yes. One at least
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  • No.
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  • yes. because in this country the majority of boys pull the "oh sorry I don't have one on me guess we'll have to go without" and yes it's part of their strategy. they really don't want to use condoms.

    • i prefer sagami original polyurethane 0.02mm (thinnest in the world)

    • Lol and they will try to

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  • I'm clipped, so 'no'.

  • My chances of getting laid are practically zero. No point for me to carry condoms. I do know that my best friend carries a condom in his pocket all the time.

  • I almost always carry 1-2 condoms in my wallet (and I take them out of my wallet at night so they don't get "compromised".

    I feel that every non-celibate guy should carry condoms on him (and check the expiration dates on them to be responsible). :-P

  • no but I was thinking that maybe I should as I seem to go to a lot of bars and always trying to meet random girls , I don't really hook up with anyone but who knows its the summer and anything can happen so maybe I should be prepared just incase and even if I never use it at least I don't have to worry about things happening if I were to hook up with someone

  • Yes I carry one with me all the time. For some spur of the moment sex or a great opportunity I want to be prepared.

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  • I don't carry condoms around everywhere I go. I only carry them if I feel I might get lucky. When I first started seeing my boyfriend, I carried condoms around because I knew we would be getting intimate soon, and I wanted to be prepared.

  • Usually yeah, I have one in my purse. I don't at the moment because I used it, but it'll be replaced soon enough. I just always like to have it there - I don't think providing a condom should always be left up to the guy, and more often than not, if we go round to his place he'll say he hasn't got any in; so if I carry one round with me, then he's never got that excuse.

    • Lol when you want it you want it huh.

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    • Did you use it with the guy you are seeing or someone else?

    • The guy I'm seeing.

  • I don't have any right now, because I am in a long term relationship, but I always have carried condoms while I'm single.

  • No but I should.

  • No, I don't. I'm scared that my mom finds it.

    • Haha well is better if she sees that you are being precautions instead of getting pregnant or STD

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