Do all girls like being "filled up" and "stretched out" during sex from a large penis and being hurt?

A friend of mine who is a girl said she loves being filled up, stretched out, and the hurt that comes from a big penis. Is this true for most or all girls? She said it really does feel way better to be filled up and stretched out than just an average penis. Is she mental or what?


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  • its kinda intimidating because it really painfulll at 1st

    once you're really wet it feels better and sometimes it does hurt good

    gonna need pet insurance because he'll destroy my little p**** tho. so it doesn't really matter, average is fine, it's more of how to use it

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      But if it hurts how does it feel good?

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      So do you like that it won't fit unless he rams it in though in a submissive kind of way?

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      i do like feeling submissive while he takes control.when its already in and I'm wet that feels pretty good. but I don't like feeling like my p**** is being destroyed every time he puts it in me

      id rather the pleasure be more dominant over the pain

      the thing about average is we can do all kinds of stuff and it feel real good and he can leave it in, and get me really wet. plus I'll stay tight down there which is good to know. ahha