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Do girls like to get their feet licked?

I know some girls are into that (toe sucking, licking soles, worshiping feet). What about you? Would you love it if your boyfriend did this? And if... Show More

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  • Don't really do the whole foot fetish thing, However I know quite a few girls do. There is one thing I did like was if me and my ex boyfriend were in the bath he was pick up my feet and wash them really gently, Sounds a little strange but it just felt really caring and felt so loving. Sometimes I would let him give me a foot massage and kiss my feet but that was only if he was lucky.I think the thing that puts me off a foot fetish are people who have really smelly feet as some people don't look after there feet which can lead to dead skin build up on the ball of the foot and I hate that!

    • 3mo

      Yeah, have to agree on that. I think if you do that you truly care for her and love her with all your heart. ^_^

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What Girls Said 10

  • I never got into the whole foot fetish thing. Feet, for the most part, disgust me as a whole. If my boyfriend was into it I would appease him but really I would not be into it.

  • That would tickle me silly. Little kisses are okay...but the licking would probably make me giggle a lot.

  • Not really, my feet are probably my most ticklish body part, lol.

  • I'd scream if a guy even tried to lick my feet! I think all feet are disgusting including my own!

    • But you would let him lick your ass, right?

    • No

  • Nah. I hate feet, including my own.

  • i would not like it at all. I hate feet and people touching mine. I would be freaked out, but that's just me

  • This guy in my class keeps asking if he can lick my feet.
    First I said yes, then I had second thought and said no, then I said yes.

    So I was sitting on the desk and put my feet in the air, he put his head really close and was just about to kiss them...
    Until the teacher started looking at us with a wierd/shocked expression and she told us to do it outside of school!
    Wtf we are just friends!!
    We don't do anything together!
    Wtf is her problem

    • 3mo

      Second thoughts**

  • not really. too be honest I think I would be more freaked out than anything.

  • yes, our feet are very sensitive and its my hot spot. I never really had it down much or long at all but when I got a little lick, it felt good. So I like it and hopefully can meet a guy who is actually into really licking them

    • Is it just a good feeling or does it also turn you on?

    • Both. I don't know y but it jus feels lovely

    • You must be having a beautiful feet

What Guys Said 3

  • i wonder why most girls find foot fetish disgusting.

  • i m not girl but i hav three time relations with different girls in my life ,
    in my opinion as different thinking of girls , not all girls like to lick their feets and not all hates , but one thing a girl who care her legs n feet so much she like if guy kiss on them , some girls feeling so much hot when their toes suck by guys.. n she loves how to like her bf her feet coz if u caring ur self n looking beautiful head to toes then u would like to lick your full body... from BF
    because when guy looking so handsome and he cares his body so much then his gf also want to kiss his body head to toes... but mostly girls know they make beautiful by GOD much then guy... so if girl know how's she looking beautiful then she wants from guy... he kissed n licked her body head to toes... but some girls not want to lick ther feet... coz of tickle , some feel bad n disrespect of their lover..

  • yes i love feet sucking a lot...

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