Do girls like to get their feet licked?

I know some girls are into that (toe sucking, licking soles, worshiping feet). What about you? Would you love it if your boyfriend did this? And if so, why?


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  • Don't really do the whole foot fetish thing,

    However I know quite a few girls do.

    There is one thing I did like was if me and my ex boyfriend were in the bath he was pick up my feet and wash them really gently, Sounds a little strange but it just felt really caring and felt so loving. Sometimes I would let him give me a foot massage and kiss my feet but that was only if he was lucky.

    I think the thing that puts me off a foot fetish are people who have really smelly feet as some people don't look after there feet which can lead to dead skin build up on the ball of the foot and I hate that!

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      Yeah, have to agree on that. I think if you do that you truly care for her and love her with all your heart. ^_^