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Do you spread your lips to pee?

I watched a few movies of women peeing. It seemed none of them spread their lips to pee. They just let it find its own way out and got pee all over... Show More

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  • Shlei3 is correct. They just spread for you.Sometimes though, the pee gets all over down there, so you have to wipe alot.

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What Girls Said 9

  • no and of course we wipe!

  • Actually when you sit down it spreads open for you. Yes I wipe after I pee and I carry some handy wet wipes...hell, I even wash my hands afterwards. I hope you wash your hands after holding your member when you pee.

    • Yes I do, and before I hold it also.

  • hahaha and where did you find these movies hahahaha, okay done laughing, wait no i am not hahahahhahahahahahahahOkay they spread on their own when you sit down on the toilet and I would hope every girl out their wipes when she gets done, I know I do,

  • What kinda movies are you into? I like the fact that you're using all of the technical terms too! Ok, no it is not considered "normal" to hold your lips apart (but if it floats her boat then no harm no foul)...the only time your hands go down when there on the toilet...is to wipe. Heck sometimes I even go crazy and wash my hands! ;o)

    • I watch one video clip, and you assert I am "into" ? It was a video site, xhampster I think. I searched hidden or spy I think. I like to watch people who are not aware anyone is seeing them. It is interesting how behaviors shift when people think they are totally alone. No I do not mean in the bathroom, but rather all aspects of daily life. I am curious, why would a simple question like this solicit so much hostility from the responders?

    • It's not hostility dude, it's sarcasm. You said you watched a few movies of women peeing...who does that? I respect that people have different interests but that one is a little creepy. I suppose in other aspects of daily life it would be interesting to see but on the toilet....that's odd. It's a strange and slightly unsettling question and if you didn't think so too, why did you ask it anonymously?

  • Lol, no! That would be f'in strange! And of course we wipe ourselves when we've finished!

    • Classy answerloll

    • Loll, as always :) haha.

  • Well for starters we don't want p*ss all over our hands, why would we put our hands down there when we are peeing? And it's the movies, they probably weren't really peeing so they forgot to act out the wiping. I don't know any girl who doesn't clean up down there after using the bathroom.

  • Exactly. We should use baby whipes after we pee. I do always.

  • Nobody I know spread them apart. It does it by itself, when you sit down they spread apart.

What Guys Said 2

  • It is a very good question. Sometimes, people just have to pee when there's no paper available. e.g. Camping, road side emergencies, after the nightclub closes for the night or when attending outdoor concerts with rediculously long queues, whatever. Emergencies happens. Men aren't too inconvenienced when they have to pee outdoors because the male urethra projects a tidy stream of urine naturally, so there's no inconvenience, and no need to mop up afterward, and believe it or not, the female urethra can do this too, with a little training and practice. It's sometimes called the 'standing pee' technique, despite the fact that it doesn't really matter if you're standing or squatting or sitting. It definitely won't work if the labia are getting in the way, and some women will need to use fingers to spread their lips wider than their natural separation in order to preserve the integrity of the stream and minimise self-wetting - this being one great advantage of doing this. Another great advantage of projecting a stream away from you when squatting outdoors is that the stream doesn't land between your feet, so there's less splatter to get your feet and shoes wet. Some women will only do it when they have to (i.e. emergencies) but some women will choose to do it more frequently - whenever they want to minimise self-wetting or to pee in a neat and tidy stream for convenience or even have fun with target practice! It's a survival skill that should be taught at girl-scouts. You might not choose to do it every day, but it's a useful skill to know when it matters. (It is also a a great party trick if you want to trick your girlfriends into thinking it is a guy in the loo at home, or if you want to use a urinal skillfully.)

  • "I watched a few movies of women peeing." -__-

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