Why do girls shave their pubic hair?

- Some say it feels better or hair gets in your teeth. In my experience, both of these reasons are not true at all. - Some say it's because "everybody does it" or because they think guys like it better that way. That seems like bowing to fashion or generalizing all guys. In my experience, a... Show More

  • Vote A I like a bald beaver because it feels and looks better or is easier for sex
  • Vote B I like a bald beaver because I'm supposed to (but secretly prefer natural)
  • Vote C I like a natural bush because it's way less hassle and feels just as good!
I kinda see how the "slippery feeling" makes a little sense (though I think hair is still nicer to touch ;-), I still don't get how some think it looks better bald...I just don't think a pre-pubescent look is attractive...that doesn't seem normal to me.
Discounting votes from guys, and including the votes from girls who wish they didn't have to shave, the results so far show 11 to 7 in favor of a more natural bush! I am so glad! I hope more people vote so we can get a bigger sampling...
BIG come-back on the "natural" option!

The MORE you feel you have to "conform" or alter your appearance for acceptance, the LESS confident one is in being happy with who you are!

Most Helpful Guy

  • Some like it better that way, guess they like looking 12 or something, others because they think guys like it. Personally I strongly dislike shaved and find it to be quite a turn off.