Why do girls post naked pictures of themselves?

Usually I try to mind my own business and try to not judge people but it's so Hard now a days when I see girls posting naked photos of themselve. Like don't they value their body? don't they respect it? Why would they want people to see every Inch of their bodies? Sorry, this isn't as much of a question as me expressing my anger...


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  • They don't have any self-respect. And it also usually has to do with some kind of insecurity and the attention they get from it. People giving them this attention makes them feel better about themselves.

    It's easy to judge girls like this but a lot of them have real self-image issues. Many struggle internally with accepting themselves for the way they are. A girl from my high school used to post rather promiscuous pictures of herself constantly on every social forum. She struggled with eating disorders, respecting herself and her body, and men just used her for sex and never talked to her again. She was extremely insecure with herself and people complimenting her pictures gave her some sense of validation for herself.

    I genuinely feel sorry for girls like that. Think about it this way, something probably happened to them in their life to make them be that way. We don't know a persons past or why they are the way are. Everyone has a story. I try not to judge because I don't know what other people go through every day.

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  • I'm glad to see someone agree with me on this. Why would a girl do this? If a guy doesn't find her attractive clothed, he's not going to suddenly flip for her just because she sends him a nude photo.

    And a lot of us guys are put off by a girl who offers to do that'

    Even now, when I'm married, girls I know only slightly suddenly sejnd me unsolicited nude photos, thinking I'll leave my wife for them, I guess

    That's only a guess. I really can't fathom this epidemic of nude photo exchanges going on.

  • People today have come to view attention on the Internet as a substitute for being valued in the real world. Not just with naked pictures, but stuff like Facebook and twitter.

    Others are exobitionists and get off on the idea of strangers ogling their body.

  • They want acceptance from people, they want people to tell them they like it because it makes them feel a bit better about themselves.

  • I think you shouldn't let things like this bother you so. Just know that it's their bodies they are showing and not yours.

  • Why? Cause girls are attention whores, obv.

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  • Its for attention.

  • They want attention and like to be wanted.

    • This is the answer to most questions about why teenage girls or girls in their early 20s do something outrageous...

    • Yes it is. :)

  • Live and let die. Every person is different and expresses themselves as they want. Why would something like this steal your peace of mind? it´s up to you in the end. Every person has a free will to choose what they want to do. At some point in their lives, they will see if what they have done has left them with an added value into their lives or not.

  • lack of self-respect.

  • I have done it, and I love it. I feel sexy. I love that a guy likes my body. I respect myself by taking care of me and my body so why don´t let anybody else look at it. The feeling that I get when I do it, is pleasure in being admired and desired.

    • how can you have respect for yourself if all you want guys to see is your parts? how can you trust that a guy likes your personality when all he sees is nude photos?

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