What does sperm taste like?

Is it supposed to taste acidic? My bf's does-is that normal. Once it got in my eye and my eye stung so bad...it's like he has toxic come lol. When his sperm went down my throat it tasted pretty bad. He is the only guy's come that I've tasted.


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  • I can't tell you what it's supposed to taste like, as I've never tasted it. I'm told the diet effects the taste a little bit though. Anyway here is what else I can tell you. I can tell you I had one (and only one) girlfriend who would later tell me it felt like it burned if I came inside of her. I can also say that if it did got on on open wound (hey it can happen) it sometimes might sting a bit. As for the other girls I've been with, they had no complaints, also a few girls swallowed, but they never mentioned what the taste was. (though I never asked) Anyway good luck with this question.

    • So it's normal if it stings your eye?

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    • I'm checking back on some of my old answers. Doing a follow up.

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    • Well you didn't really(like you said) have any experience so IDK. I don't taste his come anymore. I just told him I don't think you should do that till you're married lol. Anyways I don't think I would swallow him unless we were married caused GAWD it tastes awful

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  • Bland soup with too much salt.

  • I'll never know because I'll never taste mine.

  • Not easy to describe. Best way is to u to taste it yourself.

  • When the time will come and you'll blow your guy you will taste it.

  • it tastes like crap
    it smells like chlorine

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  • I figure any foreign object going in your eye would feel unpleasant.

    Every guys sperm tastes different. I personally hate the taste of sperm.

    But I swallow all the time just to keep my man happy. (I know that

    turns him on more)

    • Lol good point. I just thought that it would be more like water entering your eye. Why does that turn a guy on so much??? I wouldn't let him do it for six moths when we first started dating-and I wish I hadn't because now he wants me to swallow all the time!

  • Like nasty rotten fish.

  • Every guy tastes different. Some taste really good (it sounds crazy but it's true). What they eat, their PH balance, how clean they are all have an impact on the taste. My ex had a very smoothe sweet taste to him but I have had others that are absolutely rank.

  • Very salty, in my experience. Not totally unpleasant but not good either.

  • The only 2 guys I have ever tasted were slightly bitter & salty. First guy WAY stronger than the other. You warm up to the taste after awhile, I think.

    • It's gonna be hard to warm up to it-it tastes HORRIBLE. I don't know what to do.

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