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Girls can wrap your hand around a toilet paper roll?


Girls can wrap your hand around a toilet paper roll?

How much of an overlap girls?

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  • why does it matter if someone can wrap their hand around a toilet paper roll?

    i can.

    • Like just barely? or maybe getting into overlap?

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    • He asks because the average girth of the penis is equal to the inside diameter of a toilet paper roll... around 2 inches.

    • Oh okayy well that makes sense.

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  • Omg...i don't get it. I wanna laugh too what was the "joke"...tell meeeeeeee!

  • Nope.But I have small hands lol

  • haha...wow...yeah, I can. this is a dirty question though...

    • Haha...my middle finger overlaps with my thumb about half a centimeter

  • Hahaha. Wow.

    My fingers touch. Wait..nvm.


    • You don't know if they touch?

    • Haha they do....but what if this is some kind of joke?


  • I can and I think my fingertips just touch but I haven't got an empty roll to test lol.

    • Just barely?

    • Lol I tried it out and they just overlap.

  • This is a dirty question in sheep's clothing.

    • That is why it is under sexuality

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