What does it feel like ? (Facesitting)

Sooo I've been seeing all types of posts in my blog and hearing a lot of people who have been trying this. I want to know for a girl would you sit on a guys face and let him eat you out ? If you have done this, did you enjoy it? And men would you want a girl to sit on your face? Does it turn you on?

I'm really just very curious on others people's opinions on this (:

It isn't literally with all of your weight sitting on a mans face, the man would be laying down and your nani would be over his mouth as he eats you out


Most Helpful Guy

  • I certainly don't think it's degrading. On the contrary think it's great so terribly stimulating. But I do think there's a little submissiveness on the guy's part but that's OK because he's going down on her and he needs to bring her an enjoyable experience including an orgasm she won't soon forget. He needs to finish her. My girlfriend has certainly sat on my face more than once and when she does she straddles my waist and then sits down backwards on my face facing my feet. This gives her easy access to my stuff down there to play with or give me a hj once she orgasms if she wants to. One thing I like about that is while I'm eating her out my nose is literally up her a*s so that the combination of the two makes me rock hard and more energetic in my pursuit of pleasuring her. This is especially so whenever she sits back a little more to tease me with her a*s. So yes, I would want a girl to sit on my face and it does turn me on immensely, as well as her. One friends with benefits I had for a short time before did that to me the first time and it was like WOW, it doesn't get any hotter than this! We did it a few more time and let me tell you that this can get very sexy. I don't doubt for a second that a lot of people have been trying this because once you do it's like wow I want more. Facesitting is so stimulating. I was the one that eventually introduced it to my girlfriend and she went for it right off!