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What does it feel like ? (Facesitting)

Sooo I've been seeing all types of posts in my blog and hearing a lot of people who have been trying this. I want to know for a girl would you sit on... Show More

It isn't literally with all of your weight sitting on a mans face, the man would be laying down and your nani would be over his mouth as he eats you out

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  • I certainly don't think it's degrading. On the contrary think it's great so terribly stimulating. But I do think there's a little submissiveness on the guy's part but that's OK because he's going down on her and he needs to bring her an enjoyable experience including an orgasm she won't soon forget. He needs to finish her. My girlfriend has certainly sat on my face more than once and when she does she straddles my waist and then sits down backwards on my face facing my feet. This gives her easy access to my stuff down there to play with or give me a hj once she orgasms if she wants to. One thing I like about that is while I'm eating her out my nose is literally up her a*s so that the combination of the two makes me rock hard and more energetic in my pursuit of pleasuring her. This is especially so whenever she sits back a little more to tease me with her a*s. So yes, I would want a girl to sit on my face and it does turn me on immensely, as well as her. One friends with benefits I had for a short time before did that to me the first time and it was like WOW, it doesn't get any hotter than this! We did it a few more time and let me tell you that this can get very sexy. I don't doubt for a second that a lot of people have been trying this because once you do it's like wow I want more. Facesitting is so stimulating. I was the one that eventually introduced it to my girlfriend and she went for it right off!

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  • To me, it's just another position in which to give (or receive) oral sex. I do it and I like it, but it's not a fetish I have or anything. It's just fun to change things up once on a while and keep it interesting.

    As one of the other folks pointed out, it's often much more difficult to use your fingers at the same time, due to the angles involved, so I tend not to do this one as much as other positions that provide better hand/finger access.

  • Wish i could get a girlfriend with hairy vagina sit on my face

  • I love it, as long as it's not smothering me.

    Interestingly, a lot of girls are not so comfortable with it. I haven't figured out why.

  • yeah I like it for licking her ass

  • Actually having a woman sit on your face is degrading and humiliating for the guy – but that’s OK – it’s all part of the sadomasochistic appeal of this position.

    Much of the joy from the male perspective is experiencing sheer female ruthlessness in pursuit of pleasure. The fact that she is getting off whilst forcing you into such an inescapable and demeaning position with little or no concern for your welfare - is highly erotic!

    Facesitting is a perfectly natural position and it's an opportunity for girls to explore their dominant side. I’ve always been pleasantly surprised at how little persuasion was needed for various girlfriends to give it a try.

    From an ergonomic perspective, it's a far more effective way for a man to give oral pleasure to a woman. You should not worry too much about suffocating him - It is perfectly safe to sit on his face with your full weight as long as you allow him some air every now and then by briefly lifting yourself up. For safety, you should agree a signal beforehand for when he's at his limit. You may not feel comfortable initially, but one thing is for sure, the orgasms you’ll experience will be out of this world….and you could well become addicted…

  • Being a boy elder girls used to force me quite often.
    It was first of all extremely degrading and very often I was scared because most girls were sitting on my face like on a cushion with their full weight.
    So I had always big problems getting enough air while they had all their fun and the often seemed to forget that they were sitting on my face on not on seat cushion.
    The girls I remember were really greedy to get this kind of sex and in general they were extremely ruthless for getting their climax.
    I think there are not too many adult women into face sitting but girls up to a certain age seem to adore it because it is an extremely easy kind of sex for them without any risk.

  • all your weight is fine. you control the pressure his tongue his breathing where he licks you etc...personally I love it. being covered under a hot kitty and ass. let him lick you everywhere! I you may just explode

  • I've always thought of facesitting as the woman literally sitting on the guy, completely smothering his face with her ass and p****. There's plenty of videos of this type of thing on p*rn sites.

    Personally, I prefer it when a woman straddles over me just above my face so I can wrap my arms around her thighs while I go down (or up!) on her.

    For what it's worth, almost all of the women I've been with prefer to receive oral when they're lying on their back.

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  • I like it, we'll finish that way if I want to come in his mouth...

  • Isn't it kind of degrading to guys, kinda like a less extreme version of throat gagging for girls. It seems scary for someone to sit on your face, especially a woman that is over 5 lbs...

    • I don't see how it's degrading.. ?

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    • Don't knock it till you've tried it. It's not even half as bad as people assume it is. It's quite enjoyable. Though I can only speak for myself. A woman can sit on a guys face without cutting off air supply, Certain positions and techniques. Personally I don't find it degrading at all, just a real turn on.

    • 3mo

      It is degrading, but for me personally that's the whole point, being at the mercy of my lover is a huge turn on for me, and I trust she won't do anything to bad to me. Plus, seeing the look on her face is extremely enjoyable

  • I love facesitting on my boyfriend :) We both love it and it is such a huge turn on!

  • Don't you feel yyou are suffocating him?lol

    • 3mo

      If you do it wrong, you could suffocate him, but us guys can just hold our breaths, and if we can't hold it for any longer we can always just give you some kind if signal to give us breathing room. I was once down on a girl for half an hour with no problems

  • if I have got it right, facesitting isn't so much about being eaten out

    • 3mo

      Yep, you got it exactly right, it's kinda like depth roaring or throat fucking is for guys, you're in control, unless we're strong enough to lift your whole body weight off us

  • You have to be in the mood for it, and decently comfortable with your body to enjoy this. If he knows what he's doing and knows the right spots, it feels pretty damn good. the more sensitive spots he can get to at once the more you'll enjoy it. I actually only enjoy it when he's licking my clit and stimulating my g spot at the same time. That's the only way I'll orgasm from face sitting, but my boyfriend said it's kinda hard to finger me while I'm sitting on his face, so we don't do it often cause it kinda doesn't do enough for me when other things could. You might love it though, some people get off by different kinds of stimulation. My one friend only can come whilst having her clit stimulated and I am the oposite and have to have my g-spot stimulated :) it does feel nice though, you can slide yourself at your own pace against his tongue and it kind of gives you more control- which is what I prefer !

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