Eating a girl out

I personally have never been inspired to do this but I think I have to now. I don't want to seem like a retard. when eating a girl out, Do you go in? how far? use ur hand?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I personally don't get off at all by receiving oral sex. But I'm sure some girls do, and it can be a turn on if done correctly :) Make sure to pay constant attention to the clitoris. I can't speak for other girls, but fast tongue motions are too much for me! I like slow steady pressure from a flat tongue. Also, I would rather have a guy's finger inside me than his tongue. It is longer and more firm. But make sure your fingernails are trimmed! I like a quick, upward scooping motion. But like I said, all girls like different things, so a lot of it is trial and error. Just remember, she is probably nervous about you going south too, so just take control and she will love it :)