23 year old male virgin who has never had a girlfriend, am I a loser?

I'm a 23 year old male virgin who has never even kissed a girl. This fact really gets me down and at times I feel completely useless. I'm worried that if a girl ever found out I was a virgin at 23, she would probably think I'm a complete loser.

What do you think?


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  • I think whoever told you that, or whatever has put that idea in your head, -they're/that is the loser. Just because majority of people and society has become so run down and lost all sight of morals and "boundaries" so to speak, doesn't mean its not OK to be a virgin or to have never kissed a girl. In fact, its perfectly OK that you haven't. There are many many beautiful and respectful girls out there that would high five you and love to give you the time of day, any day. People generally that are out sleeping around or hooking up, whatever, they're often times not as happy as they may seem...and in a way even kinda feel the way you do, except opposite. They think all they have to offer is a physical relationship because they don't know how to have an emotional one. Its not very hard to know if you can care for something, or if you have a heart, if you do...take pride in that and confidence and with that will come something more than a kiss or just jumping in bed with someone.

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  • i think you're fine. you're too hard on yourself

  • No your not I'm 18 and I'm still a virgin - do I see myself as a loser? No - I pride myself on the fact - even if it wasn't for my religious beliefs and my ideology I stillll would save myself for Mr Right. As a young woman it makes me feel closer to the Holy Virgin Mary - I'll nowhere near be as pious as her but it makes me proud like her I'm a virgin. What I'm trying to say to you and the others out there who are virgins-be proud of the fact not ashamed. There are not many virgins out there-take Richard Branson for example why did his boutique in London close down-opeoa bridal outfit store named Virgin Brides - irony lol not many brides are virgins. I'm rambling lpl - at least I got the point across?

    That's what your doing subconsciously saving yourself for Miss Right. Don't lose it under pressure or on a sudden whim. Avoid temptation. As a woman I can tell you like men want a virgin wife/companion us women want a man who is a virgin.

  • You are not a loser. You're being too hard on yourself. cheer up!

    It will happen when its suppose to happen. I understand you feel frustrated, because you perhaps feel like you're missing out but f*** that lol. sex will ALWAYS be around. It's not going anywhere. When it's your time, then you will have your moment and things will go on from there.

  • Poor guy. You're not a loser to me. You're just a victim of the stupidness of girls who fall for the alpha male. (I'll have to put my self in that group of girls. Can't change the past).

    • 1mo

      I respect the fact that you took the initiative to place yourself in that particular group of girls. Takes a lot of courage. Now the trick is to not make the same mistake twice.

  • Dude, it's not even that serious.

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  • Some might, of course. but there are a lot of virgin girls out there your age who would think your also being one would be a big plus.

    Jon clubs for people with your interests..sooner or later you'll meet a virgin girl who doesn't want to die curious!

  • I don't consider you a loser, but you have to work harder at your game if that's what you want (a girlfriend).

  • Loser? No, not in the slightest.

  • First, accept it's not women but you that is the problem. If you don't accept control over your situation then you'll never have the power to change it. Second, do not wait around for the right girl to fall into your lap... if you do you're going to be so oblivious to the situation that she's going to slip right through your finger tips.

    Lastly... this pussy footing needs to be forgotten.

    Shyness is a disease. Learn to face your fears. If you look stupid or make a fool of yourself in the process; good! It's the only way you'll ever learn it doesn't matter. Take a hit then go take another and another until you no longer flinch.

  • I think it comes down to the effort you put into it. Maybe you're not great looking or what ever the issue is but there are women that would be interested. Maybe open your mind to who you would be interested to give yourself more options.

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