Does he only want to get in my pants?

So me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 2 month sand like whenever he comes near me he tries to turn me on and he is always wanting to have sex and he always talks about it and I don't know like he is older then me but a few years and like I will say no I don't want to if I'm just not into it and he just gets mad and stuff so idk

no we have had sex lots the first 2 days we started going out we had sex


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  • yeah, he wants to get in your pants, he's biologically hard-wired to want that. And that's a damn good thing too, otherwise the world wouldn't be the same.

    But...if that's ONLY what he wants, or is willing to share with you, then you have a decision to make. IF you want more, you may have to be willing to stand your ground and look somewhere else for a more complete relationship.

    When I was younger, I let my little head do the thinking for my big head. It was normal. But that part of a guy's life doesn't last forever. Sooner or later he'll want intimacy. Emotional intimacy. The real stuff, not just the sweaty stuff. Keep your eyes peeled, and be surprised when you find that kind of guy where you least expect it.

    good luck. Keep asking questions. We're always here to help.


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  • Don't look too deeply into this. He just likes to f***. That, and the novelty hasn't worn off yet.

  • If you haven't had sex yet, that's a pretty long time not to. Even so, if he actually gets mad about that, then that's pretty bad. However, you're a woman and likely to exaggerate, so he's probably not mad at you.

  • YES my friend, He just want to f*** you and have some fun, then he will leave u


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  • to me it seems like he's gonna end up leaving you and the only reason why he hasn't yet is because he wants to bang you just to say he got it and seem "cool"