Are white guys intimidated by black guys?

I mean my mom is Italian and now dating again, and she had pictures of just her on her profile, and she talked about her kids on her profile a lot. She had tons of messages from white guys.

Then when she had pictures of her with her kids who are biracial, NO white guys messaged her or responded t o requests. I've also had friends that were dating black guys and their current boyfriend found out and said if he found out she slept with one it was off.

Are white guys intimidated by black guys or the idea of having to compete with one sexually? What is it? It seems like the expression once you go black you never come back has a flip side, once you go black you're not allowed back. Do you think this is true?


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  • "I've also had friends that were dating black guys and their current boyfriend found out and said if he found out she slept with one it was off."

    This is a racial issue, not a sexual one. Racist white guys feel that anyone who lowers their standards enough to sleep with a black person, especially a black man, is disgusting. Ergo "once you go black, we don't want you back".

    It's really not any more complicated than that, and A LOT of white men feel this way.

    • But do you think this racism comes not only from a place of ignorance but from a place of fear as well?

    • I suppose it's possible, but racism is usually about superiority, and it's difficult to feel afraid of people you actually feel superior to. I imagine that theories of fear are primarily counter-racist psychology.

      You know, kind of like telling someone that they're chicken for not doing something that they don't want to do, when they have an entirely valid reason for not doing so, apart from "fear".

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  • The only time I felt a bit intimidated was when I wandered at night in the center of a small South Egyptian town, not that far from the Sudanese border. Suddenly a complete power outage No light at all but some candles in some shops, unpaved streets and two kinds of people in that darkness: small silhouettes (Egyptians) and giant silhouettes (Sudanese) and me, white stranger, not speaking the language, looking for my way between them.

  • Good morning there :) (it's morning here :D)

    1. Racist competition is normal in human beings, especially the way it has been historically with those who have fairer color being considered (by all races) as superior etc. It's a natural thing and not initiated by the whites.

    2. However, it's again normal for brown or black skinned people to find whites attractive and vice versa

    3. However, most people believe (and generally truly so) that black men and women have higher libido than most people apart from which the black men are generally better endowed etc

    4. Natural situation (as in point 1) is that since the blacks and browns were enslaved / ruled over by the whites (primarily the Brits, Portugese & French) for a very long time since (1) owing to superior intellect (2) vision of the future (3) non crab attitude (4) the brown and blacks being in awe of them, the blacks and browns have always been considered lower than the whites - SO one is ego

    5. But in this case most times it becomes what is stated in point 3

    6. Also it's that they see the woman as open to going 'so far' with another race as to have children, their ego also doesn't accept it.

    7. It's just a question of insecurity related ego nothing more :)

    • You are simply wrong, light skin is not "naturally" conidered beautiful by all. That is what Europeans have enforced to be true throughout the world in South America, Africa etc. These standards of beauty are not just natural but invented.The only natural or universal attractive qualities are directly ties to fertility, or estrogen and testosterone levels. Skin color is not a universal attractive feature but a socially constructed one created by the Europeans who were, surprise! white.

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    • 1. Let's begin with there are no personal feelings here young lady :) I'm 'brown' myself and come from a country that was ruled by the Brits for over 2 centuries :) I do not have any animosity towards anyone.

      2. What I say isn't theory but practical facts and like you say 'winners write history', I tend to look into beyond that too though proving things unless professionally into it of things that have happened over more than 3 centuries ago is a difficult task :)

      3. I don't intend debating ...

    • ... but I'm neither imposing anything on personal grounds here but relating to a sequence of events that I have studied even if not as a profession, observed and logicalized it.

      4. The way we see things today especially after the civil war and stuff is very different from when and how it existed when all this started. Today is a differently evolved world from what it was when our forefathers existed :)

  • I honestly don't care what color skin of a guy that a girl dated in the past. I don't see any reason why it should matter in any way.

  • Yes I think in general white men are intimidated black men. I think everyone knows the main reason for white men being racist is because of black men "supposedly" (in quotation marks because I've heard too many women say it's true to not believe it) have larger units, are more aggressive, and have a better rythym. And then there's this stuff you see all over the internet that seems to be getting bigger and bigger about white wives cheating on their husbands with black men. Then take into account that in general black men are usually better at sports and whatnot, men are competitive, and black men are intimidating. I myself am not bothered at all by any of that stuff, and not because I'm the magical white guy with a giant schlong, but because it's okay with me. I'm okay with mixed races, I've been with women that aren't white, I even have a daughter with a half white half Mexican woman. I have an ex who is Italian and her kids were half black, but I know you're not her kid, because you'd be too young to be on here. As far as the once you go black you're not allowed back, I think that only applies to the racist white guys, because I've dated lots of women who have been with black men.

  • Intimidated? Not sure, certainly not financially. I'm not sure about competing either. Probably more turned off than anything else and everyone is entitled to what they really like or what really disgusts them.

    Of course there is going to be a flip side to "once you go black, you never come back". There is a flip side to everything.

    • So you are disgusted by black people?

  • I doubt it.

  • Yes, especially the bulky ones.

    • Thanks for your honesty, you seem to be one of the few who are.

  • I'm half white and half Asian and I admit big built black guys do intimidate me. I don't feel threatened, or feel they're a bad person, it's just I'm 5'7 150 and they could squash me like a bug. Not that they would.

    • lol I misread it and I thought you said big butt black guys haha. Thanks for your honesty

  • intimidated - NO

    not want to deal with any possible social issues - YES

    part of why white guys don't want a girl that Fd a black back...



    the 'BBC scares peckerwoods' into inferiority issues is not true unless the guy is just little to begin with...regardless of race

    • Then how come if the girl is completely std free and not a single mother white guys still care that she slept with a black guy?

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    • You are an amazing troll though, I gotta give you that though, you had your fun and you really got me. Go on to the next question with your "plenty of black friends" lmao You are too funny. You got me though, you got me. haha

    • wow nice of you to show your true colors as the real racist

  • Nope


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  • It's mostly only racists who feel that way. White guys who think they're "better" than any man of another race. And like I said in another question similar to this one, it's just ignorance. Everyone is entiteled to having a preference but refusibg to date a girl who had previously dated a guy of another race is just stupid and ignorant in my honest opinion. People are people, skin color makes no difference to me.

  • I doubt it ahaha. If that's the case than it's pure ignorance.

  • Speaking from experiences, few aren't while many are indeed intimidated.

    It can be a penis size anxiety thing but there is more to it.

  • I think all the years white people spent as slaves to black people made them naturally fearful and small

    • Haha, that's cute, take off your hood though and educate yourself.

    • Wow, people are completely unable to detect a joke

    • Jokes are funny...just a word of advice for next time. And people do really think like this look at the other posts.

  • Usually they are

  • Seems like it