Are white guys intimidated by black guys?

I mean my mom is Italian and now dating again, and she had pictures of just her on her profile, and she talked about her kids on her profile a lot. She had tons of messages from white guys. Then when she had pictures of her with her kids who are biracial, NO white guys messaged her or responded t... Show More

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  • "I've also had friends that were dating black guys and their current boyfriend found out and said if he found out she slept with one it was off."

    This is a racial issue, not a sexual one. Racist white guys feel that anyone who lowers their standards enough to sleep with a black person, especially a black man, is disgusting. Ergo "once you go black, we don't want you back".

    It's really not any more complicated than that, and A LOT of white men feel this way.

    • But do you think this racism comes not only from a place of ignorance but from a place of fear as well?

    • I suppose it's possible, but racism is usually about superiority, and it's difficult to feel afraid of people you actually feel superior to. I imagine that theories of fear are primarily counter-racist psychology.

      You know, kind of like telling someone that they're chicken for not doing something that they don't want to do, when they have an entirely valid reason for not doing so, apart from "fear".