Guys, do you like curvy/chubby girls?

No one ever seems to agree on what curvy/thin/slender/fat/chubby is in reality, so just answer based on what you believe each word means.

For example, how do you feel about this body type and what is it to you?


or this one:


every time peopletalk about this subject, they always say chubby/curvy girls are better and thin/skinny girls are awful and probably anorexic. Ihave to admit I have a body like Kate Moss and I´m in no way anorexic or sick, I was just born that way as many other girls...

so what do you guys think?


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  • Can I like them both :)

    Seriously, unless you're a skeleton/stick or Jabba-the-Hutt, body shape doesn't matter nearly as much as how big and sensitive is your biggest sex organ. (Hint: it's above your shoulders and between your ears - and it isn't ear wax.)

    Some skinny girls get so caught up in their own looks that they're boring. They expect you to worship them and treat them like the fancy glassware that your parents have in the china cabinet.

    Some curvy girls are self conscious because "America's Next Top Model" says size 2 is fat. And all they can do is whinge about it.

    The biggest girls I've been with the year is easily twice (or more) as big as the tiniest.


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  • Kate Upton is curvy but also a tiny bit chubby

    the second link (is that kate moss) is a curvy obviosuly not chubby but she is a bit skinnier I like both but Kate Upton is more along the lines of what I typically like

    really though body type is a bit overrated when it comes to most guys picking a girl to date or something. I don't think most of us guys are so exceptional at pulling tail that we'd eliminate entire parts of the female population from the dating pool. For me it is always about personality and chemistry with the physical attraction be important but not the most important thing I weigh

  • Hmmm... that's tough. If the girl has a really cute face then I wouldn't mind if she's skinny. However in general, I prefer curvy girls. I guess curvy girls tend to look healthier and more attractive.


    Curvy NOT chubby. There is a big difference lol. But hey, just because I prefer curvy, doesn't mean I can't fall in love with a cute skinny chick ^_^

  • Yes, but that is a terrible example. I'm no Kate Upton fan. She has 0 tone and those photos are her most unflattering. Kate Moss is a typically runway model. She is a walking coat hanger with absolutely ) curvature . There is nothing wrong with KMoss body though. I wouldn't exclude her for it, but at the same time it wouldn't draw me in. I'm more attracted to thicker girls When I say that I like curvy or chubby girls I mean something more like this



    link link

  • Omg the cellulite! My eyes are burning!

  • I don't liek them at all, honestly.


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  • I think everyone hates kate upton or something ha ha but I think more guys would go for the first body because there is something to grab not just bones.

  • Kate Upton is so damn pretty it's unbelievable.

    She is one of my role models. Have you noticed that more curvy models/women are mostly in the spotlight. J-lo,beyonce,Kim kardashian, Katy Perry and so on. I am not bashing skinny girls because they were born that way. I just hate to see girls starve themselves.

  • People nothing to stop hating on skinny girls

    both are gorgeous

  • I think a lot of guys make a difference between a pretty girl and a f***able girl. They talk about how hot pretty skinny girls are, but when it comes down to sex, they often prefer a little meat (not really fat of course). A girl with a little more meat is more f***able cause they usually have nicer breasts and ass than skinny girls. I see a lot of guys at my campus talking about the hot, model type girls. But when they try to actually get laid, they often end up in bed with a rather curvy girl. Another example is p*rnstars. They are models, meant for f***ing and they are not that skinny at all.

  • I think Kate Moss is on the side of think that's underweight which is more than just thin/slender but not anorexic just not healthy looking to most guys (unless they like that and it's their preference which is not uncommon) A more fit looking thin looks more healthy.

    the top pictures is what imo chubby looks like or maybe some would say 'thick' but she's not what I'd consider fat or even curvy.

    so IMO it's...

    thin and curvy: link

    curvy is about proportion: link

    the fit type of thin to me is slender but with definition and still some curve: link

    fat: link I wouldn't consider this curvy I would consider it fat...not chubby or obese.