Guys, do you like curvy/chubby girls?

No one ever seems to agree on what curvy/thin/slender/fat/chubby is in reality, so just answer based on what you believe each word means.

For example, how do you feel about this body type and what is it to you?


or this one:


every time peopletalk about this subject, they always say chubby/curvy girls are better and thin/skinny girls are awful and probably anorexic. Ihave to admit I have a body like Kate Moss and I´m in no way anorexic or sick, I was just born that way as many other girls...

so what do you guys think?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Can I like them both :)

    Seriously, unless you're a skeleton/stick or Jabba-the-Hutt, body shape doesn't matter nearly as much as how big and sensitive is your biggest sex organ. (Hint: it's above your shoulders and between your ears - and it isn't ear wax.)

    Some skinny girls get so caught up in their own looks that they're boring. They expect you to worship them and treat them like the fancy glassware that your parents have in the china cabinet.

    Some curvy girls are self conscious because "America's Next Top Model" says size 2 is fat. And all they can do is whinge about it.

    The biggest girls I've been with the year is easily twice (or more) as big as the tiniest.