Cold showers???

So do guys actually take cold showers when they're horny? if you take a cold shower does that mean you don't feel like masturbating and you just want it to go down or does it somehow make masturbating better?


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  • I never heard of anybody actually taking a cold shower because they were aroused. If they took a shower, it was warm and a convenient place to masturbate.


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  • The only time I take a cold shower is if I'm hot and sweaty and dirty, not to make an erection go away.

  • Taking a cold shower makes an erection go away. For some reason things tend to shrink when exposed to the cold. It also is pretty effective at getting your mind off of whatever it was that was making you horny. Guys use it as an alternative when they don't want to masturbate but want to take care of their horniness. It makes masturbating next to impossible at that moment.

  • I think the term "cold shower" is just a phrase "saying to someone go take a cold shower" Say you knew a guy or girl that was horny & you were not about to help them out you would tell them "to go take a cold shower"

    Just like you may say to a guy and girl that are making out hot & heavy in public "go get a room"

  • No, only time I take cold showers is when I am really hot after working out or exercising, I guess cold showers take away our boner, but if you are in a shower and want to get rid of your boner, there are much better ways to do so...


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