Do you like girls that squirt?

guys/girls what to do think of a girl that can squirt? I can squirt and one guy I told that to was like "NASTY!" and the other 2 I told it to was like "SWEEEET! I gotta see that" lmao so I want to know what people think and why they think that way..

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  • My girlfriend squirts when she cums and that's the hottest when I've pleasuring her orally which we do more than anything else because that's the way she can always orgasm as well as the most intense. It is really sweetttttt! When I give her oral it's the wetter the better. Most of the time she squirts a lot but not always. Of the two other girls I've pleasured orally, one squirted and one didn't. Obviously, the one that squirted was the hottest girl so I went down on her the most of the two. So if you squirt, I think most guys will find that hot. A girl's wetness is hot stuff when giving oral. :-) If a guy doesn't like it he needs to learn to like it or else he'll never be a good oral giver.