Do you like girls that squirt?

guys/girls what to do think of a girl that can squirt? I can squirt and one guy I told that to was like "NASTY!" and the other 2 I told it to was like "SWEEEET! I gotta see that" lmao so I want to know what people think and why they think that way..

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  • My girlfriend squirts when she cums and that's the hottest when I've pleasuring her orally which we do more than anything else because that's the way she can always orgasm as well as the most intense. It is really sweetttttt! When I give her oral it's the wetter the better. Most of the time she squirts a lot but not always. Of the two other girls I've pleasured orally, one squirted and one didn't. Obviously, the one that squirted was the hottest girl so I went down on her the most of the two. So if you squirt, I think most guys will find that hot. A girl's wetness is hot stuff when giving oral. :-) If a guy doesn't like it he needs to learn to like it or else he'll never be a good oral giver.

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  • Pfft one time a dated a girl who was an all out splasher and a screamer. However brief. Yeah I rather liked it. I guess I like it because it's sort of like some part of me thinks it's an indicator that I was doing something right. Because really not very many girls will tell you if it ISN'T working, and TONS will scream and moan and do all sorts of crazy sh*t to fake.

    So I guess my answer is Yeah. Because not only is it sexy, it boosts the ego a tad for a little while.

    • (incidentally she's not the only one I've made come like that. She was just the easiest.)

    • I'm checking back on some of my old answers. Doing a follow up.

      Was this answer at all helpful to you?

  • Yes I love it my now ex girlfriend does it and it's one of the things I miss about her. I loved it. I knew that she was enjoying it as much as I and that was the greatest part about having sex with her. I truly miss her squirting for sure. It's popped in my head even since our breakup and I'm still in wow. It was amazing. She will be dearly missed not just because she was really good to me at one point in our relationship, but also because of her abilities :(.

    Maybe I'll get lucky and meet another girl someday that can do it that will accept me for who I am :).

    Take care.

  • its a curiosity more than a turn on, for me at least. its no nastier than what every guy does, don't see why they should have a problem with it hah.

  • squirting is really hot for a guy and it enhances the orgasm experience for a woman . any questions?

  • I think squirting is hot and sexy



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  • It's a take it or leave it thing. It's not something I would just broadcast out there though seeing as it's a personal thing that I would keep private and on a need to know basis.

  • I personally think it's hot when girls can, when I discovered that I could, I was pretty proud. It's not completely uncommon, but it's uncommon enough to be seen as something to be proud of. I think it makes sex a lot better, and I think that it's sexy to watch, even if it's just yourself doing it and your partner receiving it. :)

  • Awesome. At least two out of three are in the right direction (of the guys you told). I voted (A). I can squirt rather regularly and profusely. Two of my three girlfriends can also squirt so I love being on the receiving end. All my boyfriends (I am bisexual) think it's great and really feel happy and excited when I do it. So in my experience it seems to be unanimously a positive thing.

    Some of the advice posted by others here is good: if you know you are a squirter, you may want to prep towels before hand under yourself or else "do it" on the kitchen floor because it is usually too much for any man or woman to swallow and it makes for a big "wet spot" that someone may have to sleep in.

    Have fun and enjoy, all you girls who squirt and those that like those girls to squirt.

  • i think its hilarious that some guys are grossed out by this. us girls deal with a hell of a lot of squirting male body fluid, but then guys have the nerve to say its gross when girls do it? kinda hypocritical...

  • I just recently came to realize that I'm a squirter. At first I was a little embarrassed, but then when my significant other told me it was a good thing I've come to admire myself for it (:

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