Why do guys like girls that swallow?

I've been dating my guy for almost two years and recently tried to swallow after a bj. I had never done that before and the first time it was ok. Now... Show More

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  • It's not dominance for me. To each his own.

    The reason I like it when she's swallows is because it turns me on to feel like that was her goal, to just suck my penis like a straw and just swallow what came out... mmmmm

    The biggest turn on is when a girl wants to suck on your dick like she can't even resist. Holy sh*t it's like you want this penis so bad you just need to caress it, touch it, play with it, kiss it, and above all, suck on it like you've waited all your life too? God damn that gets my head spinning and my knees weak. That just melts me.

    -nick mcd