Why do guys like girls that swallow?

I've been dating my guy for almost two years and recently tried to swallow after a bj. I had never done that before and the first time it was ok. Now whenever we have sex he always wants me to swallow. It's like now I can't even remember the times before that when I didn't.

What I want to know is why is he so interested in me doing that? And girls, are there any tips on how to look like I'm swallowing without really?

I mean I've seen the porn movies before and I've noticed that the girls really don't swallow it all cause most of it never makes it past there lips


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  • It's not dominance for me. To each his own.

    The reason I like it when she's swallows is because it turns me on to feel like that was her goal, to just suck my penis like a straw and just swallow what came out... mmmmm

    The biggest turn on is when a girl wants to suck on your dick like she can't even resist. Holy sh*t it's like you want this penis so bad you just need to caress it, touch it, play with it, kiss it, and above all, suck on it like you've waited all your life too? God damn that gets my head spinning and my knees weak. That just melts me.

    -nick mcd


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  • I like it because I can keep enjoying the pleasure until I'm completely through with my orgasm. I mean if she wanted to give me a hand job and allow me to shoot on her face or chest that would be good too. But to have someone getting you to orgasm and then stop to spit it out or like run to the bathroom to spit is kind of a buzz kill.

  • I have no idea. It isn't a turn on for me what so ever, it wouldn't make a difference to me at all. I'll have to ask people.

  • I think that the reason is domination. It goes back to the hunter. The more game a man killed the better hunter he was and thus the higher his status. Well the more women he can seduce, the higher his status. The more he can dominate a women, the higher the status. A finger in your p**** is not as good as intercourse. Intercourse and a blow job is better. Cumming in all your openings is higher yet.

  • It's more of a bam-orgasm, DONE. Sort of a longer lasting orgasm if you don't stop and just take it all in.

  • I don't know it just seems primal. If the girl WANTS to do it it's hot. I feel like it shows sexuality our something. Like she's really into it.

  • It is more intimate and personal and more of a turn than anything. Just the anticipation of her mouth. Her warm, soft mouth, that she kisses you with, and eats with. You are in there, her head is tipped back in anticipation, hands gently pulling on her hair, her eyes gazing up into yours patiently. Then when you cum, it feels SO amazing, and the feeling lasts a long time. A big part of it too is that you are making her be submissive to your will. And she is complying all the way. Nothing is more exciting or a turn-on for a guy.

  • Its not that u HAVE to swallow but u can't just stop right b4 he's about to cum n be like ok finish urself could u imagine a guy doing that to u. I've actually had times where a girl stopped like that so I didn't cum in her mouth n it ruined it completelyn felt like I didn't even orgasm. U have to suck through his oorgasm completely. After that it doesn't matter what u do with it lol just dont stop too early.

  • For me personally, I find it a huge turn-off if the girl spits out my spunk after I've cum in her mouth. For her to accept it, then swallow it makes the whole procedure seamless and more natural. If she pretends to swallow it, then goes to the bathroom later and discreetly gets rid of it, that's OK, too. I agree with the last answer in that I think there's an element of domination in this. While she's taking my spunk, I'm the boss, I guess.


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  • 1 way you can act like you didn't swallow for a guy to think you did is put his come under your mouth but for me I love to swallow plus what I've read on guys and stuff its like a acceptance thing and it makes them feel great that you would swallow for them go on ivillage.com and you will find all your questions there or go to ask.com another place so yea hope this helps if not message me I'm am always interested and nosy about guys so I look up stuff so I'm like a dictionary on men hehe but I have found some usefull info about what guys really want in bed and stuff like that so hit me up if any more info is needed

  • Personally I really like to swallow and it doesn't taste bad, it actually tastes really good. You dont have to do it every single time though, I think you should talk to him. My bf loves when I do it and he kisses me right after I do it which is really nice. Its cleaner, it makes him happy and he loves you more. However, its your decision to swallow or not to. I don't think there is any way to fake it. You should talk to him, its a better option.

  • Absolutely love how u put it! My lover tells me they way u have but now I believe it to be true. Thanks

  • Just don't even think about it. It's really salty and tart but if you swallow fast enough you won't really taste it too much. And it makes it better by keeping his tip/head way in the back of your throat (if you can do that) when he does swallow, that way it doesn't really touch any of your taste buds. My guy was nice enough to give me a drink of water after cause he knows it probably doesn't taste the best. But just don't even think about it. They really do like it a lot better when you swallow. I don't really mind it, but I also won't do it every single time. Sometimes it does make me gag, but he usually understands. It's always nice when a guy understands, as long as we understand too. I understand what he wants, and he understands what I want as well.

  • My boyfriend loves that I swallow after a bj, one it's cleaner than if he came all over the place, and also because I think he finds it attractive that I would take that extra step even after I got him off, ya know.

    But as far as when you have sex and he still wants you to swallow, I think that's ok every once in awhile(plus then you don't have to worry about getting pregnant), but you shouldn't have to do it every time. You should tell him how you feel