Would you wear a corset and stockings just cause your boyfriend asked?

My boyfriend and I met in FL on a long weekend, and we currently live almost 1000 miles apart. Since we started dating while I am away (I am going back to where he lives in few months), we are trying to keep things alive by talking online/Skyping almost every day. Everything was going well, until we managed to have him fly out here to visit me. Ever since we established that he is coming here, he has been a bit too demanding in his requests. For example, when we were talking last night, he said something like "go buy a corset and stockings, and some baby oil." I was like WOAH HOLD UP. And trust me, I am not prude, and I love having sex, but stuff like that really makes me nervous and intimidates me. I felt bad expressing that to him though, cause I don't want him to think that I am boring and that I am not willing to put a little extra effort for the one weekend we have together in a few-month span. I am planning to honor his request and get dressed up that one time, but do you think it would be really bad for me to tell him how I feel about that stuff afterwards? Like the next day or something? I don't want him to think I am not willing to try new things, I just get nervous about weird sex accessories and all that kinky stuff :/ If you were a guy, and a girl told you she was not into that stuff, would that be a huge turn-off or a deal-breaker if you were? If you are a girl, would you try something like that to please your guy, or would you bring it up that you don't want to do that stuff ever again? Thanks for any help!


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  • stockings are a weird sex accessory? or kinky?

    If it makes you uncomfortable at some point you need to discuss it, but this is pretty vanilla.

    Now he did request it in a pretty demanding way, but a lot of women -like- that when things are going well.

    On the other hand sex shouldn't be just about what he wants the entire time. I'd hope you'd be happy to do something you know would excite him, but I'd also hope you'd have things you want too, or a style of sex you'd like to also have over the weekend.

    If a girl told me she was 'not into that stuff', I might try to ask and find out whether lingerie is a specific or she really just ... is vanilla as hell. That might be an issue. Overall sex drive compatibility is even more of one.

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      Thanks for your comments, this is very helpful! I guess I am just worried that if I do this once just to please him, I will be really nervous and won't enjoy myself, and he will expect even more of that stuff afterward, and I really don't want that. I guess maybe I am really vanilla lol. It's just that in my culture, all that extra stuff (even the most vanilla stuff) is looked really bad upon, like you are a whore. And I LOVE having sex, so our drives are compatible, just not the "extra" stuff.

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      Yeah, I guess maybe telling him is the best option, & see how he reacts. And I probably would have already told him, but it's so hard to say anything to each other because I hate having these kinds of discussions over text/Skype, I'd really rather do it in person. But I also don't want to wait to tell him it makes me uncomfortable, cause he is so excited. Should I tell him over Skype before he comes here? Or wait until he gets here? Or until after we do it? I just don't want to ruin our weekend.

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      I just saw your additional comments. This is actually SUPER helpful and gave me some confidence to not be afraid to express myself. I guess I am just so worried about disappointing him so early on, that I was scared to just kind of be me. I will try my best to tell him how I feel :) Thanks again for very helpful feedback!