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Is it normal for a guy to have ticklish private parts?

I wouldn't have asked this under normal circumstances, but after playing with my fiancé's d*ck and balls for about the hundeth time the other day, he asked me if it was normal to be so ticklish. You see, almost every time I touch and stroke his balls, he laughs and tries really hard not to laugh. When he isn't turned on at all and his d*** is soft, his shaft and head are just as ticklish as his balls. So he asked me if this was normal. So I would like to ask you... Is it normal? How can I give head or a hand job without tickling him? Is that even possible? Do you think its a health issue? Does that mean he's much more sensitive then other normal guys? Is it better to be sensitive like that or is it a red flag for his reproductive health?

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  • I've found it to be pretty normal with guys I have been with!

  • it is a sensitive area so yes.

  • My boyfriend gets ticklish sometimes.

  • yes haha

  • You're engaged to him and you've never gave him head or even a handjob? -_-

    • I'm not exactly the most willing person to touch just anyone's junk... They have to be very special to me. Because I'm one of those rare people who believe in sex with one person after marriage. I suppose our world doesn't have that anymore that much. However, before we got engaged I did touch him and give him oral. Besides, my question clearly states that I've done it to him a lot... -_-'

  • well I think that when he gets really horny he won't get tickles.