Guys, what type of sexual satisfaction do you get from a nude picture?

I mean, I really would like to know.?! I'm pretty intrigued with the amount of guys I've met Online to say the least (which for one, I may be at fault for actually thinking they're some decent guys on) but nope, I've been proven wrong, on numerous occasions. Literally every guy I meet tries to put on some false persona, like they actually want to get to know you. You know, the conversations where they seem pretty interested and then all of a sudden POW! They want to send you a picture of their penis while you agree to send one of your boobs or vagina, and then when you decline and tell them "No", they get all butthurt and decide that you're not the women of their dreams, and suddenly dismiss your existence and stop talking to you. I mean, come on, what's up with that? I know the internet gives both guys and girls an easier lee way of getting what they want than say if they were to do it with a person in real life, But damn, you'd think a guy would actually be quite happy to meet a girl who's not sending naked pictures to every other guy she meets on the internet. But nope, they disown you and try to make you feel bad. WHY are (some) guys like that. I honestly don't understand. I mean it's easy to go to p*rnhub and watch a few videos you can jerk off too, why do you want a nude picture so bad? I just really hate meeting nice guys, at least whom seem to be and then reveal the total opposite who just want to take advantage of you. What happen to self respect. Do you not consider that a huge factor. Yes, some girls are as quick to send a nude out just as fast as guy is. So, tell me what exactly turns on you from it, and why can't you just be upfront and open about it from the get go instead of deceiving the person?


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  • The internet gives people a gateway to engage in unacceptable social behavior without any consequences.

    A guy who sends you a Dick pic WITHOUT BEING ASKED FOR IT. Is the equivalent to a flasher in public. That is the equivalent of a guy whipping his d*** out during a conversation with you in public. IF you wouldn't do it in person, then why do it via technologic communication?

    Either they're so socially inept that they don't understand norms, or they enjoy getting a rise/reaction from whom ever they show their penis to.

    However It's always a good sign that they do this BEFORE you get serious with them. God knows what they would do to you if you actually were alone with them. Since they don't understand what consent means.


    granted I can't even count how many times a guy was too stupid to know that I was practically in the palm of his hands, and then *BAM* d*** picture ruins everything.


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  • Seriously, you try to look for a connection on the internet? really?

    Try FaceBook where there is accountability. The internet is full of a**holes, dumbasses and jerks when anonymity is concerned.

    • I mean yeah, there's no wrong doing in trying to meet new people online as well is in the real world. Not all the people I tend to meet online are all like this, just the vast majority of men. I think it's possible to connect with people online, you make it sound like it's a bad thing. It's not like I intend to run into these types of people, and if I could I'd avoid them at all costs. All I'm asking is a simple question as to why do guys find nude pictures appealing, that is all.

  • I never "deceive" any girl in this respect... I would say more than half of guys don't either. Sure a lot of them do, but not all do ;)

  • online, I don't know I don't look at pics, I just watch the videos, but with my phone its cool to see what the girl looks like its a pretty nice turn on

  • Sounds to me like this is more propaganda than a question.

    But assuming you are genuinely interested in an answer about why guys get aroused by pics, unfortunately as a woman you would just not understand. I don't mean that to be's just a fact.

  • It can be arousing and in the scenarios like the one you initially described, it's kind of like a trophy. You were able to get her to send you a picture of herself. They also send a d*** pic because it's arousing that some girl is looking at it.

    Personally, I don't see the point in pictures. I usually can't get off to them anyway, and they aren't the quality of ones you can find on the internet. Plus, I would be turned off because if she sent pictures to me, I know other guys were able to sweet talk her. Call me old fashioned, but I don't enjoy the possibility of her pictures floating around somewhere where a bunch of people are looking at them when I really like her and am with her.

    I also think those pictures while in a relationship are fairly useless. You're probably already having sex with her and there's still p*rn out there. Seems more useful after the relationship is over because you can go back and fantasize about what you used to have.

  • Nude photos are not as alluring to me as a mysterious girl who teases.

    I actually lose respect for some person who would send a nude photo so quickly unless she was looking for sex and nothing more.


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  • i think it smore avout videos than photos.

  • i don't think this is a question

    • How is this not a question? It's clearly written at the very top if it was hard for you to comprehend.