Guys, what type of sexual satisfaction do you get from a nude picture?

I mean, I really would like to know.?! I'm pretty intrigued with the amount of guys I've met Online to say the least (which for one, I may be at fault for actually thinking they're some decent guys on) but nope, I've been proven wrong, on numerous occasions. Literally every guy I meet tries to put... Show More

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  • The internet gives people a gateway to engage in unacceptable social behavior without any consequences.

    A guy who sends you a Dick pic WITHOUT BEING ASKED FOR IT. Is the equivalent to a flasher in public. That is the equivalent of a guy whipping his d*** out during a conversation with you in public. IF you wouldn't do it in person, then why do it via technologic communication?

    Either they're so socially inept that they don't understand norms, or they enjoy getting a rise/reaction from whom ever they show their penis to.

    However It's always a good sign that they do this BEFORE you get serious with them. God knows what they would do to you if you actually were alone with them. Since they don't understand what consent means.


    granted I can't even count how many times a guy was too stupid to know that I was practically in the palm of his hands, and then *BAM* d*** picture ruins everything.