I caught my brother...He is sniffing my dirty panties?

my brother 17 years old...

What should I do help me..


Most Helpful Guy

  • Don't get all weirded out over that because he's probably going through a stage where he's extra curious what the real thing smells like. You know he's jacking off while smelling them so now that you know, start making a point of putting them someplace where he won't find them as easy, but still leave some once in awhile where you used to. Check the new place to see if they've been disturbed. Gradually leave them in the old place less and less until you don't anymore. I doubt if your talking with him will do anything except embarrass him and there's no need to do that. If you gradually make it harder for him to find them he'll gradually stop looking for them and he may not suspect you actually were hiding them from him. I don't think it has anything to do with you. Just with girls in general and his sense of smell starting to turn a little sexual. This is no emergency so just take your time and gradually wean him away from your panties. Maybe someday you can put an unused pair there and see what he does, or alternate unused and used but increase the times you put an unused pair until that's all you put there. Good luck. .