Successfull experience about Jelqing technique?

DONT give an answer if you didn't have any personal experience or any medical reason behind your answer, like it can damaged your d*** or it work temporarly (but why any reason?)

beacuse realizing it or not giving an answer that your self didn't really understand about it can cause more problem to the people who read it more than you thing


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  • I did a penis enlargement routine a few years ago. It wasn't a complicated one, just a warmup, stretching for a few minutes, jelqing for a few minutes, then a warm-down, about 20 minutes in total, combined with pc exercises throughout the day for stronger erections and better orgasm control. 2 days on, one day break. I did it for about 2-3 months before I fell out of the routine. I gained about a half an inch in length and a quarter of an inch in girth. I know it's not exactly the miracle 3 inch gains some of the penis exercise sites promote, but it was better than nothing considering I was smaller than average when I began, and I'm sure I gained more if I kept going (which is why I recently started the routine again). I had no difficulties, except for some burst capillaries a few times, but I've heard that's nothing to worry about, and indeed the red spots from the burst capillaries faded after a short while. I've heard some say that jelqing makes your penis veinier, but it didn't happen to me.

    Some tips

    -Make sure you do the warm-up and warm-down. They help to prevent injury, and the warm-up makes the routine easier, increasing blood flow which helps when jelqing, and loosening the ligaments you need to stretch which helps prevent pain when stretching.

    - I found it was easiest to do the routine in the bathtub, as you can easily soak your crotch in warm water for the warm-up and warm-down, and you can use body wash as lube for jelqing assuming your brand doesn't irritate your urethra.

    -Don't orgasm within a few hours before or after your exercise routine, it slows gains and negates your workout.

    -If you feel any pain greater than mild discomfort during your routine, you should discontinue immediately and take a break from your routine for a few days. If you notice anything about your penis that worries you, don't hesitate to tell your doctor, better to be safe than sorry.

    -Many of the websites have more complicated routines you can do once you're used to a beginner routine, though I never had the free time to try any of them as they take a good amount of time.

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      thanks for the tips,

      anyway, may I know your warm up technique and how long it takes, and for beginner how many jelqing is good?

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      So I went with the other method, doing my workout in the bathtub or shower. Bath tub works a little better, since the routine takes a while and it sucks standing in the shower for the whole thing. Also, I found that it was a little less suspicious to take long baths instead of long showers. All I had to do to warm-up and warm-down was submerge my groin/crotch in the water for 3-5 minutes. Or if you shower, you can just wet a washcloth from the shower head instead.

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      Well, their are 2 main ways that people warm-up and warm-down. One is with a warm washcloth. That method didn't work for me, since I live in a house with others and they might have found it a little odd if I was frequently carrying wet washcloths to my bedroom and locking the door. Also, I find that the wash cloths cool off too quickly, requiring you to re-wet them, as it takes about 3-5 minutes to properly warm-up or down. Also, I had no suitable lube in my bedroom for jelqing.