Girls..what is swallowing sperm like?

i it like water..or like do you get a tummy ache..can it get clingy in the throat? yadayada..just wondering thnzx


Most Helpful Girl

  • Depends on the guy's diet really, also varies from guy to guy. Sometimes it's really thin and watery, other times it's a bit thicker with a texture similar to snot, haha. Or somewhere in between. It doesn't give me a stomach ache, but I've heard some girls say that happens to them. The thicker the consistency, the more gummy it is in the throat when you swallow. Like it can take a few swallows and clearing your throat to feel like you've got it all down. For ME at least, the taste doesn't linger very long afterward, or at least I don't notice it. But it doesn't have a very strong taste to me in general, only a couple guys [on a random occasion or two, not all the time] tasted bad, but even then it wasn't unbearable.