Girls..what is swallowing sperm like?

i it like water..or like do you get a tummy ache..can it get clingy in the throat? yadayada..just wondering thnzx


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  • Depends on the guy's diet really, also varies from guy to guy. Sometimes it's really thin and watery, other times it's a bit thicker with a texture similar to snot, haha. Or somewhere in between. It doesn't give me a stomach ache, but I've heard some girls say that happens to them. The thicker the consistency, the more gummy it is in the throat when you swallow. Like it can take a few swallows and clearing your throat to feel like you've got it all down. For ME at least, the taste doesn't linger very long afterward, or at least I don't notice it. But it doesn't have a very strong taste to me in general, only a couple guys [on a random occasion or two, not all the time] tasted bad, but even then it wasn't unbearable.


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  • Definitely not like water.

    Water doesn't have taste.

    Sometimes sperm tastes different.

    Sometimes sweet , other times strong. (Very unique taste, hard to describe).

    Thick and gooey.

  • It's like warm thick-ish liquid and tastes kind of like, chalky I think.. It isn't terrible and it's not hard to swallow, but it does have a weird aftertaste! :o)

  • it's salty

    I didn't notice it being overly gooey

    thicker than water of course

    I like it :)

  • i wouldn't be into that

  • i don't want to experience that

  • Slimy and salty.

  • It depends on the guy. here I'll try to describe it by using my senses:

    Taste (depends on his diet):



    * a little sweet

    Texture (in the mouth):


    *sometimes a little watery

    *sometimes flemy (you know when you get that snotty stuff in your throat)




    *basically like sex haha

    After effect:

    *the taste lingers in your mouth

    *some people do get a stomachache but I think you'd have to ingest A LOT of it

    * kind of gives you an odd feeling if you really think about what you just swallowed although I'm sure you could ingest worst!

    I don't mind swallowing although it isn't my favorite but of course I don't gag and hack and cough and make a huge scene about doing it...ok I do gag but not because I swallow if you get what I mean :P

  • It tastes like salty snot. But in a good way?

    Like it normally just slides to the back of my throat, but sometimes I can feel it get "stuck" on my throat, which kid of isn't fun.

  • It's viscous, for sure. Almost globby (like a thick alfredo sauce).Strong tasting. Really hard to swallow (put a water bottle spaying in your mouth while laying down, and try it-you'll have a new respect for us ladies). I always get a tummy ache, but brown pop (colas) tend to help, and eating before. I can taste it in my mouth for a good hour or so and feel it in my throat. It's like slime. It kinda stays there for a bit.

    Oh, the things we do for men.

  • Well if you swallow it right away it goes right down but if I keep his d*** in mouth and play with it some and that's what I like it gets sticky and gooey and tastes a little salty hangs around in my mouth for a long time. It has this spermy sweaty smell I know you could smell it on my breath. You can wash it down with a shot or something with no problem, I've never got a tummy ache or anything. So go for it and if your like me you'll lov it.

    • haha.. I know who you are... I won't say your name p your righ I've smelled your breath.. your so funny girl lov yea

  • salty and gooey.

  • lol good question. it's not quite watery, it's a little thicker. and sticky; afterward I will feel like my throat is sort of coated in it

  • Tastes like chicken


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  • its like salty yogurt, from what I've heard...

  • Cum has a taste and texture all of its own – I like it best when it is fresh.