Not Wearing Bras in Public..

So I have 32D boobs and people say they are very perky so a lot of the times I just won't wear a bra if I'm wearing an oversize tshirt or some other shirt where it isn't very noticeable..

However when others fin out about it they freak out telling me how weird and "gross" it is. Honestly what is the huge deal about me disliking bras and wearing them.


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  • How do people "find out about it?" Also, if you put a pencil at the crease where the bottom of your boob meets your chest, does your boob hold the pencil in place or does it fall to the ground if you let go? If the latter, then you're right--you really do have exceptionally firm and perky breasts and can get away without a bra. That look works really well in summer in things like sundresses.

    Also, 32Ds are pretty ideal size wise. How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

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      It does fall to the ground. 5'11 and about 145 :)

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      Nice! That's pretty awesome! So basically the boobs defy gravity. Which as it turns out is contagious, since it tends to cause penises to also defy gravity! :P

      At any rate, you can definitely get away going braless then. Especially with lots of dresses which are designed to be worn braless anyway.