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Do men like creampies?

I'm talking sexually. link Do guys actually like to do this to women?

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  • I like coming inside, yes. However, the term creampie, at least in my experience, is primarily used in p*rn, where the actors specifically pull out just as the cum, in order to put the semen as close to the vaginal opening as possible, so it can be seen by the camera. I might like doing it once or twice, just to see my own semen inside of a girl, but it's just a curiosity, not a preference.

What Guys Said 10

  • You mean going down on a creampie? Eating her out afterwards?

  • Why would we not?!

  • Sexual and non sexual. The no sexual one right after the sexual one is good m

    Lol ok

    But seriously, it feels good to come inside a girl. I wouldn't be spid and not have a condo on or not have her on be. But f she's on the pill and there's no stds than for sure

  • Cumming deep inside fees the best physically and emotionally.

  • Ummmm does the tin man have a sheet metal coc*?

  • What's sexier than filling that p**** up with cum?

  • Yes because biologically humans want to reproduce... Even if you don't want kids, it's still the primal instincts to do that. It's also why men tend to cheat (Besides other factors) on their significant other - a man's instincts are to spread his seed to reproduce.

  • YES I do. I love eating my wife's p**** after our friend has just filled her p****

  • Best place to go. Cream inside especially when she is on top.

    Does not get any better than that.

What Girls Said 2

  • It is the ultimate finish for both guys and girls.

  • Cumming inside a girl? Isn't that how sex ends? I'm quite sure both genders like it'

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