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Bumps on areola?

My areola are completely smooth. I don't have a single bump. I used to think all Girls were like this but recently has come to my attention hat I am... Show More

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  • Something I never knew was that guys cared about bumps on our areola's. As a young teen and up till my very early twenties I had small areola that were smooth with small but protruding nipples. After having my daughter and during the pregnancy big changes occurred with included larger and darker areola's, now has bumps and oh gosh did the nipples grow.

    I guess I have just never heard of a guy commenting on my bumpy or smooth areola's before.

What Guys Said 6

  • Pretty sure most guys won't care. If anything I'd probably prefer smooth ones.

  • Smooth nipples are nice, bumpy nipples are nice. I'm sure your's are awesome!

  • I personally don't care about how bumpy a girls nipples are. If anything smoother would probably be better.

  • Honestly, this matters a LOT less than how your boobs look generally. So here's what's going to matter more:

    1) What's your bra size (both band and cup)?

    2) What's your height, weight, waist and hip measurement? (basically how do your boobs fit in with the rest of your body?)

    3) How firm are your boobs? If braless can you hold a pencil under them or would it fall to the ground?

    4) How are your boobs positioned on your chest?

    5) How are your nipples positioned on your boobs?

    6) How symmetrical is everying?

    All of those matter MUCH more than your Montgomery glands.

  • I would probably prefer them smoother however if they weren't it's a non issue. The bumps can be hot too so it doesn't matter. As long as they give me the urge to suck them, that's all I need. lol

  • Both smooth and bumpy (nipplettes) are common. Not a turn on or off.

What Girls Said 6

  • Those are called Montgomery glands. Many women have them, including myself, but plenty don't. Look them up if you're concerned about it. Trust me, there's nothing wrong with you, lol.

  • I'd say it is neutral.

  • It's not that big of a deal. You don't need to change anything, everyone is different. You are most definitely not the only woman in the world with smooth areola's. Find something less petty to worry about.

  • first world problems.

    you'll be OK. most girls I have seen naked have had smooth ones, so I'm sure it's 50/50

    chill man.

  • little bumps on their areolas are called Montgomery glands. Look it up in wikipedia

    • This. you are supposed to have them

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