Bumps on areola?

My areola are completely smooth. I don't have a single bump. I used to think all Girls were like this but recently has come to my attention hat I am in a small minority. Is it rare for a girl to have smooth areola with no bumps(obviously excluding the actual nipple,my nipple does stick out)? And how big of a turn off are smooth nipples and can I fix them? Would most guys prefer bumpy nipples over smooth ones? What should I do


Most Helpful Girl

  • Something I never knew was that guys cared about bumps on our areola's. As a young teen and up till my very early twenties I had small areola that were smooth with small but protruding nipples. After having my daughter and during the pregnancy big changes occurred with included larger and darker areola's, now has bumps and oh gosh did the nipples grow.

    I guess I have just never heard of a guy commenting on my bumpy or smooth areola's before.