Olfactophilia: your thoughts on this fetish?

I have olfactophilia. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's sexual arousal from smells, especially bodily odors.

However, I think I have an extreme case of it. My girlfriend doesn't wear perfume, which is something I love; a woman's natural smell. I'm mildly allergic to most perfumes (they make my eyes water/itch and they make my nose run and sneeze), so I guess I just learned to love her scent. In fact, I like to hug and cuddle with her not only because it shows that I love her, but it also gets her close enough for me to smell her.

In fact, I love all her smells. I love it when she just recently took a shower. The faint smell of soap on her skin just does something to me. When we hug, I also like to take a good whiff of her hair. I have an obsession with the way her body naturally smells.

However, there's some smells I like that kind of disturb me. To most people, some smells I like stink, but I find them attractive. For instance, she's on the soccer team at our university. When she gets done with practice or after a game, her feet have a strong, yet highly attractive aroma. The smell of her butt is another "stinky" turn on. Speaking of her butt, when she farts, I always look forward to smelling it. The smell of the bathroom after she gets done using it. Used panties also smell great smell.

So I guess what I'm trying to ask is: are there any other people out there who have this fetish? Also, if it turned out your partner told you he or she had it, would you like or dislike their constant smelling of your body?

For me, I obviously wouldn't mind it if my girlfriend had it. Luckily, she's been supportive of it as well and says she doesn't mind the fact that I smell her a lot. In fact, she told me she thought it was kinda cute in a way.


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  • I do not have such a fetish. Your olfactory nerves pass through your limbic system of your brain ( link ) which is termed your "emotional brain" because it invokes emotion...so I can see how some people can get turned on by certain smells (which I guess is how pheromones work anyways)

    • Correction: evokes ....not invokes

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  • I have this. I remember the first guy I had a crush on having pungent armpit oder. I loved it! I would walk past him or sit near him just to smell him. It turned me on! :)

    Oh and when I was little I use to sit with my legs crossed and put my head down to smell my farts. Kind of weird but yeah.

    I love this one book Blood and Chocolate. There's a scene in it where this she werewolf is going to have sex with her meat-boy. She see that he has just taking a bath but she going to make him sweat so she can smell his sent.

  • I have mild olfactophilia as well as Strong Audiophilia, I just love guy smell, and I looooove certain colognes. Like have you smelled dior's Fahrenheit 32? I'm driven crazy by that one. It's hard sometimes because I can be mistaken for just being horny all the time which is hard but jokes on them because most all of them smells good.

  • i think it has to do with emotion...

    although when I see a hot sweaty guy in the gym...im turned on even though sweat is nasty and can stink, but its still attractive to me...im not sure if that counts...

  • i don't have this. I've never even heard of it, but to be honest, it makes sense because of the brain processes behind it.


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  • I could say i have this too. But I don't like the smell of my girlfriend's farts, and i don't like smelling the bathroom after she uses it. But i do like the smell of her after she's been sweating all day. It drives me pretty insane to go down on her after we come home from dancing at some club or concert and she's all sweaty and gross down below. I also like the smell of her feet after she takes her boots off but I'm hesitant to kiss or lick them unless I'm CERTAIN they have only been in her boots and not on the floor. I also like going down on her in the morning before she jumps in the shower. She's grown pretty accustomed to my weird fetish.

  • I'm probably on the lighter end of this fetish. Natural scent being a big turn-on for me (I also have problems with strong perfumes.) A bit more specifically though being able to "bliss-out" just on the scent of a partner's.. ahem heat makes through the panty foreplay nearly as good as more direct stimulation.

  • I have this to a smaller degree. When I was 12 I was wrestling with a girl and she ended up sitting on my face, she had no panties on, so my nose was right in her butt. It really turned me on. She also had at the age of 13 a full red bush. To this day, I am fasitinated with the natural odors of a woman AND i love a full bush. I dont like the smell of pure feces or farts, but when she is semi clean back there, I can easliy use my nose to get turned on.