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Your partner, who you're sleeping next to, wakes you up for sex. How do you feel?

Your partner, who you're sleeping next to, wakes you up for sex. How do you feel? How do you feel in this situation?

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  • Most of the time, I love it. Other times, particularly if I'm exhausted for some reason or have a long hard day ahead of me, I'd be irritated and I'd prefer not to be woken up. And if I do get woken up for such reasons under those circumstances, he better believe he's doing all the work, hahaha.

    • LOL.

    • Other times I'm a more active participator, but motherf.ucker, wakin me up when I'm already low on sleep, I'm not doing ANYTHING, hahaha.

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  • sleepy.

  • Either cranky from being woken up or flattered.

  • I would probably be up for it. I love spontaneous sex:)

  • Probably D first and then C. lol

  • My ex used to wake up and want sex and I liked that it was fine with me. Morning sex is fun but I also look like major crap in the morning so I hope guys get this. He used to wake me up in the middle of the night too.

  • It would make me horny to know he's horny.

  • *blows rape whistle* lol. jk.errrrr... *throws confetti*jk.sorry. I think I would feel sleepy.

  • Any time!

  • I love that this happens..i think I do it more to him..which he loves! The first time I wanted to wake him up and have sex I didn't do it because I didn't because I didn't know if it would upset him but I told him the next day and he was really bummed I didn't wake him up so from there on I wake his ass up! :)

  • I'd love itI've posted about this, not knowing if he's trying to get it on in the middle of the night or just being sweet ^^

  • If he wakes me up in the middle of the night, he will f***ing regret it. As long as he doesn't knock many hours off my sleep, it's fine and I'm up for it. So he can wake me up when he knows I'll be waking up anyway.

    • Lol

  • D then C lol.

  • If I'm asleep, you let me be. End of story.

  • I'm ready when ever. he might have to kiss me to get me really aroused but I'd be up for it! hell yea lets f*** like animals then go back to sleep!

  • If I have the day off the next day, then I'd be okay with it, and probably turned on. But he'd be doing all the work since he initiated it lol.

  • This happens to me almost every morning lol so I'm used to itaroused but sometimes I just kiss him and go back to sleep if I'm really tired

  • i would feel excited, I love being woken up for that

  • I would be mad

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