Do guys like straddling?

In my mind, I think straddling a guy while you are kissing or just alone together is one of the single sexiest turn-ons, ever. I can imagine what I would be doing while I was on top of him.

Do guys like it too? Is it just as much of a turn on for him too?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Love it ... because I can then work my way down - stal

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What Guys Said 3

  • Most men simply love being straddled by women - their are sites dedicated to this enjoymen. My personal love is feeling a womens nice soft ass on my chest , looking up at her beautiful body and pretty face above me...yes definely a turn on for most men. As long as both parites enjoy...have fun ..:)

  • i think all guys love it

    cause its a sexual position lol


What Girls Said 5

  • when I straddle my man toy he gets sooooo turned on, it always leads to us f***ing, because with me over him, or my legs wrapped around him we both have the same thing in mind!

  • I know my guy likes it.

  • definitely

  • It has drived every single one of my guys a good way. It has definitely made for some good memories. =)

    • :O

      Sounds like it worked out! hahah

  • of course...