My brother walked in on me giving my boyfriend a blow job... AWKWARD!

My older brother (22) came into my room today when I was in the middle of giving my boyfriend (who technically isn't allowed in there) a blow job. IT was soo AWKWARD. My brother is normally really chill, but he lost it today. He started yelling at me and he made my boyfriend go home.

Why was he so upset?

I thought it was really dumb. He should have knocked.

He took my door away... WTF!

Has this ever happened to you? what would you have done?



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  • No, thankfully this has never happened to me. But if I ever walked in on my sister even getting close to that, the guy wouldn't be walking out on his own will, he'd need a stretcher. I'd just flip, plain and simple. And I'd better not see him around again. Forget if I walked in on it, if I found out about it from someone else I'd flip out too. Would I regret it later? Absolutely not cause it was my sister. Also the door being taken away, I'd take the door off its hinges later and throw it out, why waste the perfectly good door you could use on something else?

    He was so upset because you're his kid sister, I'd flip too, worse than him probably. It wasn't dumb in the least, he was looking out for you and at that sight rage would probably take over.

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      Dont you think she would deserve privacy, though?!

      oh, and I'm sure you couldn't be much more harsh.

      He told my parents.

      What a snitch.

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      Oh, my parents would know right away too, I'm not gonna just let it slide, but I'd be more harsh towards him too because he would need a stretcher if I saw something like that. And privacy, to an extent but not if that's going on, no. Privacy is also based on trust to an extent and after that she'd need to earn back a lot of trust before having it. Also as priscillah1 said, he's your brother, I walk into my sister's room without knocking, people walk into my room without knocking, no big deal.