My brother walked in on me giving my boyfriend a blow job... AWKWARD!

My older brother (22) came into my room today when I was in the middle of giving my boyfriend (who technically isn't allowed in there) a blow job. IT was soo AWKWARD. My brother is normally really chill, but he lost it today. He started yelling at me and he made my boyfriend go home.

Why was he so upset?

I thought it was really dumb. He should have knocked.

He took my door away... WTF!

Has this ever happened to you? what would you have done?



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  • No, thankfully this has never happened to me. But if I ever walked in on my sister even getting close to that, the guy wouldn't be walking out on his own will, he'd need a stretcher. I'd just flip, plain and simple. And I'd better not see him around again. Forget if I walked in on it, if I found out about it from someone else I'd flip out too. Would I regret it later? Absolutely not cause it was my sister. Also the door being taken away, I'd take the door off its hinges later and throw it out, why waste the perfectly good door you could use on something else?

    He was so upset because you're his kid sister, I'd flip too, worse than him probably. It wasn't dumb in the least, he was looking out for you and at that sight rage would probably take over.

    • Dont you think she would deserve privacy, though?!

      oh, and I'm sure you couldn't be much more harsh.

      He told my parents.

      What a snitch.

    • Oh, my parents would know right away too, I'm not gonna just let it slide, but I'd be more harsh towards him too because he would need a stretcher if I saw something like that. And privacy, to an extent but not if that's going on, no. Privacy is also based on trust to an extent and after that she'd need to earn back a lot of trust before having it. Also as priscillah1 said, he's your brother, I walk into my sister's room without knocking, people walk into my room without knocking, no big deal.

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  • "I thought it was really dumb. He should have knocked."

    You're absolutely right.

    "He took my door away... WTF!"

    Tell him that if he doesn't give you your door back--WITH A WORKING LOCK--you'll start giving blowjobs in the living room. Then tell him that your blowjobs are your business, and that he's being very immature for a grown man.

    You might, while your on the topic ask him whether he has ever had a blowjob, and if so, whether he removed his door afterward.

    • "ask him whether he has ever had a blowjob, and if so, whether he removed his door afterward."

      that was very amusing. (:

  • Yup, I walked in on my sister giving her douche-of-a-boyfriend head. Except she was very stupid, she did it in the middle of the living room. They scattered first and she pleaded with me not to tell our parents. This guy, I already shot up with my paintball gun, and threatened him a few times, so there wasn't much more I could do. I just let it go. But he never came over after that.

    • Hahaha,

      You shot him with a paintball gun?

      thats great.

    • Yeah, he was a pussy. He cried.

    • Thats wayy funny.

  • Only do things at your bf's place, that's the safest way to go. When someone walks in on their daughter or sister doing something with a guy they flip out for some reason. But when someone walks in on their son or brother doing something with a girl they just say finish up...

    Something about how your daughter/sister has to be protected.

  • If you don't want to get caught don't do it. And why you angry that he got upset? Wouldn't you be more scared if he didn't care? No one can defend you, you are in the wrong plain and simple.

  • Ask him if he has ever had a blow job. If he hasn't offer him one. He is just jealous and needs some attention!


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  • Ha yea I have two older brothers, they are very very protective. Just be lucky he didn't kill your boyfriend lol. Word got out that I had slept with my brothers old roommate and all hell broke loose. Your brother wasn't in the wrong, he just cares a lot about you and he knows how guys are. Of course he doesn't want to see his baby sister doing something like that. My brother doesn't even want me to mention guys names around him because he hates to think about what their intentions are. Your brother is your greatest protector and when you find the man that is great for you he'll let you know. Just refrain from doing stuff like that in your house lol and I wouldn't talk about it anymore with your brother unless he initiates the convo because you'll just p*ss him off more.

    • Yeah, that's really good advice.


  • 1. You're his little sister.

    2. Your boyfriend isn't supposed to be in the house, which means your family probably has a reason to dislike him.

    3. There's nothing worse for a dad/older brother than seeing their teenage daughter/sister sexual servicing a guy, never mind one they don't like.

    4. His reaction was totally normal and warranted.

  • It wasn't about privacy, yeah he opened the door without knocking, but he is your older brother. Is obvious an older brother is going to get mad when their BABY SISTER is having sex, giving a guy a blowjob, and having a boyfriend period.

  • Yeah, when I was 14 my cousin walked in on my and my boyfriends making out and touching. IT was VERY awkward. But you know he respected my privacy and didn't tell anyone.

  • OMG. Totally awkward. I don't know what I would have done...I've never been in that situation...

    He probably got p*ssed because he still views you as his kid sister...and you are under he probably doesn't know you're doing all this it's a bit upsetting, I imagine.