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How do I give him a night he'll never forget?

My ex and I are about to take a break to figure ourselves out and be free before we can never turn back. I am having him over for the night this... Show More

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  • TRUST ME!This will never work because after you both have pleasured yourself you will want to have sex again and again and again and will keep taking breaks and more breaks and will waste ur time so don't do it and just have a CLEAN cut and when he remembers the GREAT night wont you as well?cause I bet ur gonna enjoy ur self as welland wont he be thinking the same thing?doesn't he want to create a night that when you look back on to this night and remember how great it was?bottom line don't do it ur just going to hurt yourself in the long run

    • You are probably right

    • That's y I said trust me hahaI've had friends who have been through this before so I have a lot of experience with this hahahah

    • Or you could give him something you will not enjoy and he might like dry anal sex perhaps then he would remember it as a good night and you probably not so much. above problem solved!

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  • How about f***ing him really hard? Is there any other possible answer?

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  • I tottaaalllyyy agree with the first guy. 100% I could get into the details why I believe this, but I'm sure you wouldn't want to hear my long story :P

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