Do guys like virgins?

This question is mostly for guys.

I am a virgin and I have a boyfriend but some guys that I know and talk to tell me that they want to be the one to take my virginity and that it turns them on, but other guys that I know say they would never even be with a virgin. I just want to know what other people think. If virgin girls actually turn guys on or if some guys have fantasy's with virgins.


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  • I think most guys like virgins and that's because every guy wants to be the first one. I've never been with a virgin but it is appealing and a turn on. A guy who doesn't want to be with a virgin is probably worried that the girl won't have sex that she will make him wait or will just not ever have sex with him. And there are girls who say they are virgins but are not, they will have sex with one guy and then tell another guy she's still a virgin and make him wait or not do it with him at all, guys don't like this. hope this helped u

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      Thanks for the answer. And I really am a virgin.

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      Well I'm a nice girl just wanting to set things straight about what people think about me being a virgin.

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      There's no merit in being a virgin and no dishonor in not being one: "virginity" is just a word describing the period in life prior to real sexual activity.