I'm a girl and I want to ejaculate, How do you do it if you're a girl?

How do you ejaculate out of your vagina if you're a girl? I have been masturbating for a year and I haven't ejaculated, please tell me how.


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  • For starters I seem to recall hearing that not every girl can do it with clitoral stimulation... You shouldn't feel like your missing something necessarily. But hey there are things...

    You know that T.V. show "The Family Business"? It's a reality show about a guy who works as a porn director. He actually made some sort of a "How-To" video on this subject. If you want I can probably help you guys find it.

    • I'm checking back on some of my old answers. Doing a follow up.

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  • The only thing that has been successful for me is a toy similar to the "Bunny". It was nice but not much different than a ordinary orgasm.

  • There was a similar post last week and there was link to a video... believe me, it doesn't look like you would b able2 do it yourself unless you go in deep, hard and fast x

  • I have from clitoral stimulation. I don't really know how, if it feels really good, it kind of just comes out.. haha

  • I have been wondering for a while too. I really wish I knew how.