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Why do some women with hairy arms shave their legs and not their arms?

I don't care if woman shaves all of her body hair or none of it. That is her choice and business. I am just wondering because I see a lot of girls... Show More

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  • As far as I know, female leg hair is darker and coarser than female arm hair. Also, legs are more sexual than arms, so girls want to be nice and smooth there for guys. Most guys aren't going to mind light-colored soft hair on a girls arms, I know I don't.

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  • comfort?

  • Lol I've often wondered this myself there was a girl at my school who was pretty fine, but she was a Latina (thus had black hair) and while I don't think she had much more hair on her arms than most girls for others it is less noticeable (skin tone and hair color etc) it kinda put me off to her and a lot of the guys would joke about it (not to her obviously and she was the coolest girl at my school lol loved her but just sh*t we talked) anyway yeah no real idea I guess they just don't notice it?

  • Likely because guys like a woman's legs, more than her arms. So the women give the legs more attention.

  • I wish more women didn't shave their vagina's completely. But, I feel that women should shave their armpits and legs though. I don't care if they shave their actual arms though as it might be overkill.

What Girls Said 7

  • I shave everything, but I'm gonna eventually start waxing or just use some other form of hair removal, because the hair grows back too fast if you shave it.

  • because the media doesn't pressure them to shave their arms

  • So they don't get stubbly arms maybe

  • I agree it's just a cultural norm to not shave our arms. I shave mine though, I have for a long time, I'm just used to it.

  • Preference I guess

  • Its called the standards of society. Women are expected to shave their legs, armpits, faces, toes, bellies, etc. but for some reason it is not expected that we shave our arms. I think it is all BS anyway that society set these standards.

  • Maybe they don't want to draw attention to not having it, either? Most people have hair on their arms, but most women shave their legs. It's a cultural norm.

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