Does CFNM (clothed female-naked male) turn you on?

Does CFNM (clothed female-naked male) turn you on? Or vice-versa? More than the clothes, it seems to be a subconscious power-thingy to me.

Wonder how many people understand this or into this. I would have been blissfully aware if it were not for p*rn. Something I watched triggered off my interest when I realized how powerful it was.


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  • I was going to ask the same question. I once had sex with a guy, he didn't undress me, he only took off my panties. But he was completely naked. But I find it really hot though. I'd want a vice versa some time.

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      Coooool. Sounds very hot and turning-on, what you describe. I take it that you were wearing a short skirt then?

      Vice-versa is also good. When I'm clothed, and my partner almost naked, I feel like I'm in charge, and she's helpless and vulnerable!

      Both ways turn me on. Contrary to what the feminists say, guys do like being dominated as well... it's just a power game.

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      I was wearing a dress. Well funny thing was even though he was the one to be naked, he dominated me like crazy. And yes it was VERY hot.

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      It's very strange how these things work... one never fully understands. Sometimes it's our subconscious at work/play :-) Yeah, a guy feeling dominated can also let his agression out. I don't know if this is a compensatory mechanism. On the other hand, the idea of a powerful woman can also be sexy. (I think a guy would feel powerful from dominating her.) Which is why I too enjoy being dominated in sex. Sometimes, not always...