I am a virgin, will it be painful the first time?

I am a virgin, but my boyfriend and I have fooled around a bit, I never realized how big his d*ck was until I asked. I have never been with anyone else so I don't have anything to gauge it by however he is 7in when hard and like 5-6 around, is that larger then average? will it be painful the first time?


Most Helpful Guy

  • it will probably be painful the first few times. You have to consider three things. Lubrication length and width. The easiest problem to take care of his length. If you use doggy style as your position, his penis will enter you below the cervix intothe posterior fornix which has room for a long fellow. You probably have some or all of your hymen remaining. It will stretch and tear when a large penis enters you. The best thing you can do is be sure that you have a lot of lubrication in place when you start. You need to put it not only on and in your vagina but also on his penis. Lots of it. if you are committed to having intercourse with him, he needs to enter you in a series of very short strokes and only do as much and go as far as you can stand.but no more.if it is too much for you, delay intercourse and go to fingering. He can open you up more slowly that way and help to make his penis fit more easily.