My Girlfriend wants me to wear her thong for a day.

I don't know why, but she is very intent on making this happen and keeps bringing it up.

She say's it would be sexy because it would make me think of her and we'd be the only 2 who knows, it would be fun?

Is this weird?


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  • No big deal,babe.My boyfriend loves wearing my things,and I think he looks so freakin' hot and them.You may want to pass on the thong,being a guy,and opt for a pair of panties,instead.As we all know,ha,ha,guys have a little more going on down there,than us girls,and I don't think that a thong will quite make it for you.Now ,my boyfriend loved wearing my undies so much,that I started taking him out shopping for some things of his own,in sizes that fit him.He's got his own collection of panties,nylons,pantyhose,slips and bras,not to mention skirts,dresses and heels.I love making him up,putting a wig on him,and dressing him up,then attacking him,because he looks so good.I think that my favorite is pantyhose and panties on him.He's unusally large,if you know what I mean,and when he's hard and it's bulging,it looks so sexy straining inside the panties or pantyhose.That's when I go to work rubbing it.

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  • well I wouldn't be the one to judge whether it's weird or's more of do you think it's weird and are you comfortable doing it. I mean this is between you and your girlfriend so do what you want to do.

  • Well now than more than just you too know. Lol. But if your comfortable with it I don't see a problem with it.

  • You should wear it because you want to.

  • lmao it might be like going commando and having a wedgie at the same time! try it lmao

  • I think it's strange but w/e floats your boat. If you're willing to do it then go for it!

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What Guys Said 10

  • Yeah, it's weird, but very, very cool. You got yourself a winner, here.

  • I don't know if it's true or not but I remember reading somewhere that thongs were originally designed for men to wear.

    But anyway, why would it be wierd? Because a bunch of close-minded, homophobic, idiots who are too afraid to try something new say it's wierd?

    Try it if you're okay with it.

  • Do it, you may love it:)

  • I bet you $100 she's gunna get you to wear the thong and then expose you to everyone in the middle of the day. Then she's gunna break up with you and it'll all be because of some stupid insignificant thing you did a month ago (Like forget to kiss her goodbye or something) ... women are like that.

  • That is cool but get some made for men like the ones at ergowear. They will be more comfortable.

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