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Is it true that girls with thigh gaps have loose vaginas?

I read something that said that the set of a girl's hips can affect the tightness of her vagina, and also the way her thighs are shaped--in other... Show More

For the record, I'm not hating on girls with thigh gaps. I have one.

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  • No, that's a rumor made up by girls who can't get a gap because of their bone structure. I've got a gap and I dare you to try and find someone who's tighter!

    • No one thinks you are! I honestly don't understand why people care. How is a gap there attractive? And who decided it was?

    • I agree.. i've been with 6 girls total, 2 had thigh gaps and man it was off the charts!! i can't say the tightness is true for every girl but of my 6 is was... BUT here is what i can say is true. girls with the thigh gap had one thing in common. less fat around the vaginal area which allows for deeper thrusting and more penetration... as much as i like girls with an ass hips.. i can say the gap makes one hell of a difference.

    • 3mo

      I probably found one tighter but then again i dont know how tight you are

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  • I'd say no

  • 100% myth.

  • Ah... if only it were that easy to determine. Just like women are always looking for an external way to determine a guy's size.

  • The gap is called the pelvic arch and has no relationship with a vagina being tight or loose. Tight or stable vagina size can be due to diet and region of the world the woman is born to. Loose is more common in the USA due to diet and more specifically excessive salt in everything processed foods, combined with hidden complex fats that are not permitted in other countries.

    The wider the gap the more of a swing a woman has to her step. The pelvic arch can make a woman more attractive at most any average to medium weight.

  • No.

    Actually, in my experience I find it to be the opposite. Girls with thigh gaps tend to be fitter and healthier, and therefore their core muscles and muscles everywhere were more toned, leading to a tighter feeling - if not by default, then definitely when they squeeze/kegel.

  • There are many miss concepts among the girls and guys. Some says that shape of lips reflects the shape pf her P*. or size or shape of breasts or hips can affect the tightness of her vagina..There is no direct relation between all these things. Your natural figure and body mass do play some role in it - but genetic code is much strongly affecting all these things, and you can not change it totally. You can manage something.

  • I have not seen this to be true. Thigh gap has nothing to do with vagina size. It may be a statistical number. But not all girls are polled in those numbers, but the select few that I have been with in my time that has gaps, could go either way.

  • It could be true, I've read something about when a woman has a large sway when she walks she gets off easier. I tried to look it up, but only found opinions.

  • the one thing I have found that determines on how tight a chick is her height short chicks tend to be tighter.

  • Sounds like a catty comment from someone who doesn't have a thigh gap.

    • I do have one actually.

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    • I don't really know, I'm a virgin, so nobody's told me.

    • I'd bet it isn't

  • False. There is no correlation between the two.

  • Absolutely not. It's pure nonsense. I know this from experience.

  • No connection at all.

  • NO

    the only way that a girl could be 'tighter' by not having a gap would be because her thick thighs are pushing it together but her actual p**** isn't any tighter.

  • This is kind of true, girls with thigh gaps do not have as much fat around the vagina. Especially then girls have that vagina that kind of pops out, it wraps the penis much better. I wouldn't say it is tighter, but guys usually prefer a vagina with more fat

  • it's bullsh*t. all pussie.s feel pretty much the same.

    • That's not my experience

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    • I guess you'll see such a wide size variety when you're into f*cking children.

    • :O

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  • LOL! Imagine the number of girls now standing naked in front of a full length mirror checking this out!

  • Well that's bullsh*t. I have a thigh gap but that's just because I work out. I'm definitely not loose. Trust me, I'm tighter than your nan

  • lol no.

  • There is no relation to height and length of P* or shape of thighs and tightness of vagina. It is all genetically designed by nature and it is decided before your birth, based on sperm of your father and egg of your mother.

  • Doesn't matter !! Guys like what guys like.. Therefore fuck what society says 👌🏻

  • LOL! That's crazy!

  • I have never heard anything like that before. I don't even see HOW it would be true, it doesn't even make sense.

  • It's far from accurate. I have a thigh gap whether I like it or not, because of the way my legs are shaped. (I also work out).

    Up until pretty recently, I preferred 'small' guys, because sex hurt so bad with anyone above average. My current boyfriend is... big. So finally, after about 3 months of literally almost every day, sometimes twice a day-- he (not to be graphic) 'broke me in.' And he STILL can't seem to get over how tight I am. He mentions it every time.

    And it's not because I'm not fully grown. I'm about to be 25... so that's not the case.

  • Thigh gap? All this pressure on women stay thin is stupid.

    Anyways, that's a myth.

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