Ladies, why do you leave a landing strip?

This is more of a cosmetic question. What I want to know is this:

When women shave their muffins (or genital areas), why do they leave a small strip of hair right in the middle? I am sure this is more than just "Got tired and quit before shaving it all off". Cannot figure out why not shave the whole area? Surely there is a good reason for this. Been bothering me for years but had better sense than to ask a woman directly for fear of being slapped!

Do women like a shaved man?


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  • I think its a style thing. Some girls leave a little triangle (point down), some take everything off, I once hear of a girl leaving a little heart. There are girls who leave themselves natural or who trim a little. It is like different hair cuts (on her head). I think the "landing strip" style you are talking about has been popularized (normalized to some degree) by the porn industry. So maybe women just feel that that's what men expect it to look like.

    As for what women like, I guess it probably differs depending on the woman. I wouldn't be doing any sucking/licking on a guy who wasn't trimmed (not only does it make him seem neat but somehow cleaner in my mind). I find completely shaved a little creepy on a guy. That's just me though.

    • Never thought of it as a style. Good point. I just feel may as well shave it all off. I shave too but not often enough. Royal pain in the butt for men.

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  • Some women find it a little creepy to take it all off, because it looks too "little girlish". I am always a bit freaked out by guys who really like girls to be totally hairless down there.

    As for shaved men. Not really my taste. Neat and trimmed is nice, but hairless just looks unnatural.

  • Coz the bald look down there is too much like the look of a child, and it makes me feel a bit sick for men to find it a turn on! So some has to be left and it has to look tidy.

    • Quite a unique perspective

    • Just how I've always felt since I found out so many men love the bald look! I do understand obviously that it's not nice for them to 'unwrap' you (lol) and find a forest down there... but trimmed and tidy or a landing strip has to be preferable to none at all surely!? Why would guys want a woman who looks like a child? Just doesn't sit right with me!

  • hunnie. We leave it there for you to rub your penis along and get a sensation. when you miss. oh and a nice smooth shaved man is the best. use shaving foam to make it extra smooth hun

  • Razor burn is a horrible and painful outcome of shaving it completely. The skin is especially sensitive over the clitoris, and it is very easy to cut yourself. It's also painful as the hair grows back. We have little red bumps for a few weeks until it heals, which is less attractive than simply being trimmed. I like to keep tidy, but I won't put myself through hell and back because some boy doesn't want a real woman.

  • Its something different than a bald p**** like everyone else but it looks just as good.

    i actually don't like it when a guy shaves. too feminine for me.

    i like my man to be manly..

    i like girls to be soft and smooth.

  • Shaving is a pain in the butt for women too, not just men. I'd like to keep a little hair there but my boyfriend very much objects to it. He wants it all off, or he won't touch me. He says he just can't go down on me if there is anything there, but he doesn't do that either way. I know if I put any demands like that on him he'd flip out, tell me I'm trying to control him or something. Oh well, sorry for spilling my stress all over your thread.

    • You need to drop that guy like a bad f***ing habit. You've got to be trolling or really stupid.

  • YES! That is a complete turn-on and you can shave all you want, back, chest, arms, butt and 'the region' is especially sweet when smooth. Best for long encounters.


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  • Call me strange but I like to see a little landing strip... Bare is overdone. Too many women who have the porno look so a landing strip is unique.

    • You don't think that the landing strip is a bit "pornish" as well?

  • The landing strip shows a desire to have a well goomed clean look. A patch of hair shows a mature look while to me a shaved p**** makes me think of a pre puberty child.I am not the least bit interested in thinking of the woman I am with as anything but adult. Hair also holds odor and who wants to get hair in the mouth when perfornming oral sex.Being a man a clean looking as well as smelling p**** is such a turn on .I also shave my balls and leave a landing strip for my wife to have the same experience.She loves it.