Guys: a girl sits between your legs?

do you like when a girl sits between your legs. It doesn't need to be sexual (even if it always ends up with something sexual), but just friendly and cuddly way? :)

by the way. How can I ask a guy if I can sit between his legs? I'm too shy to ask directly, so I need to hint it but how?
Thank you guys! :) I appreciate the good answers!


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  • Well instead of asking. Allude to it. Don't just plop down in there, maybe throw in a little light straddling and then postion yourself accordingly.

    Actions will do your talking for you. Light touching and grabbing the chest and shoulder area and slowly move into it.

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      thank you. Fantastic advice! :)

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      You're most welcome!

      Remember it is to be fun! So smile, make eye contact and be at your most Feminine!

      The oxytocin released will definitely put him on cloud nine.

      If he gets intimidated of uncomfortable (which is a low chance.) It's OK he will come around and get accustomed to the flirty gesture.

      Touching! He has to get used to your touch. Don't grope lol but for men it takes less time to get used than women so you have the edge lol.